Kourtney Kardashian teases thirsty fans with new lingerie Pic

Kourtney Kardashian shared her passion for Victoria’s secret fashion show, just like any stubborn fan: role playing.

Don’t be confused with her Halloween costume, Kourt put on different underwear a few hours before this year’s show.

The result is surprising. Take a look:
Kurt added to this photo: “Can’t wait tonight.”

She is referring to Victoria’s secret fashion show.

2018 seems to exist outside the normal time rules, so we understand that it may be difficult to accept Halloween just two weeks ago.

As everyone knows, she and her sisters are Victoria’s secret angels – because of course they did.

However, in this photo, Kourtney wears a slightly different look in the underwear section and wings.

In contrast, this is what she looks like for Halloween:
As you can see, the “wings” in Halloween costumes are very different.

Underwear is more inspiring.

Those costumes are of course provided by Victoria’s secrets.

(The Kardashian brand is still very strong, people, any company will seize the opportunity to let these women put on their products)

The most important thing is that Kourtney is advertised for the actual fashion show.

But on the eve of Halloween, the Kardashian family showed off their own fashion show.
Women – Please forgive us, angels – look very radiant in their Halloween costumes.

“Thanks to Victoria’s secret to send us the actual runway look and real wings to borrow at night!!!”

“OMG dreams come true!” Kim continued. “To be the secret angel of Victoria that night!”

Kim admits that her supermodel sister is no stranger to this: “[and] Kendall got a good practice lol.”

Kendall and La Perla underwear non-competition agreement fortunately rushed to participate in this year’s Victoria Secret fashion show.

(To be honest, this is a bit embarrassing – if the clothing concept is just the daily work of team members, don’t do group clothing)
Kourtney made a joke about her height.

“I opened the show,” Kourtney shared on Halloween.
“Thank you [Victoria’s Secret] for making me the first 5’1″ angel ever,” she joked.

If you forget, Kardashian’s woman is very small.

(Even “tall”, like Khloe and Kendall, 5 feet and 10 feet per person, only looks high because their sisters are short)
Kardashian brings some extra attention to the real Victorian Secret Fashion Show – or at least a timely reminder.

Unfortunately, this show has caused some controversy this year.

A recurring theme of the fashion industry is the apparent lack of diversity. This year, the brand is very difficult to answer this question.

When asked about the idea of ​​a runway model of different ages, size or may be transgender or disabled, the chief marketing officer put his feet in his mouth.

“No, no, I don’t think so,” he said. “Well, why not? Because this show is fantastic.”

This is not going well, he has already apologized.
Kourtney’s latest photo appeared in a fire that is raging in Southern California and even reaching some Kardashian property.

Many celebrities have been completely swallowed up by wildfire.

With this year’s drought, the fire continues to be uncontrolled – with catastrophic changes, these devastating wildfires will only become more frequent.

We sincerely hope that the fire will be quickly controlled and extinguished.

At the same time, many people find that Kourt’s photo is a terrible hellish distraction.

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