LINGERIE BRAND CURVY KATE celebrates the enthusiasm of the body with an all-inclusive new campaign

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A British lingerie brand launched a new campaign to encourage women to talk about how good their bodies are.

Everyone shares their six advocates for finding stories of physical acceptance, and Curvy Kate’s #MyBodyVictory event celebrates all forms of women.

The photographs featured large size model and actress Hayley Hasselhoff, two children’s mother Chanel Ambrose, and blogger and wheelchair user Clara Holmes.

Spiritual health advocate and brain surgery survivor Grace Latter, plus size fashion blogger Lauren Tallulah, and Be Real Ambassador and her Aspires UK creator Jenny Okolo also appeared.

Every woman shares her physical victory in a series of short films.

Hasselhoff said to her: “I feel that I have several different physical victories. I think this is always changing for me. This is just an example, knowing that you always grow in your body. And you will always find something new that must be overcome and loved.”

The daughter of American actor David Hasselhoff also revealed that she used to dislike her bust because she was “big breasts” when she was young.

She said she had previously had an unsafe leg scar because of an accident.

Model and wheelchair user Clara Holmes said: “I want to be a party for #MyBodyVictory, because I think women are celebrating their bodies and making their skin feel comfortable. I am a conscious pedestrian, I said because I am a wheelchair user now and I am very dissatisfied with my condition.

“I think it’s enough. It took me too many years to get pain, not satisfied with who I am, I decided, what do you know, life is too short to be satisfied with who you are.”

The event has inspired hundreds of women to use the tag and post it with self-portraits on Instagram and Twitter.

“My body is great because it did some incredible things for me. It made me spend the best time, the tough times, it allowed me to run, raise my children, and become a unique me. Every A curve, every swing, every mark, is mine! I won’t change it for the world,” someone wrote.

Another added: “My body victory is a cancer survivor. Over the years, my chest still looks great.”

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The underwear company hopes that the sport will encourage more women to discuss their bodies in a positive attitude.

“The influencers have a personal influence on their followers, and we often focus on the people they relate to, usually because they share stories with us online,” said Aneela Ashraf, director of public relations and content at the company.

She added, “All about encouraging everyone to share their physical success, whether it’s huge or seemingly trivial, our story shapes us and often empowers others.

The event follows the footsteps of a range of other lingerie brands that also celebrate the diversity of the body.

Underwear retailer Figleaves recently teamed up with MiLK Models to launch an event called #BeautyHasNoBounds, which included 12 women, each representing beautiful faces of different ages, sizes, races and disabilities.

Similarly, Rihanna’s new lingerie line, Savage X Fenty, provides positive information through its wide range of sizes.

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