Fashion influencer GabiFresh her latest lingerie collection and body positivity

Sexy comes from the heart! Fashion influencer and designer GabiFresh launched her second size exclusive lingerie line, Playful Promises, a London lingerie and swimwear brand on Monday, September 17. With the popularity of the first collaboration (the size is only 48 hours), it is a good idea to start ordering your favorite works, statistics.

What makes this release different? Fresh said that this time she tried to further promote her iconic works and styles. But before we used these cute suits to fill our carts, Gabi sat down and kept confident with stylish dishes, feeling the sexiest, even wearing bras and underwear. Scroll through what she wants to say!
In order to work with Playful Promises for the second time, Gabi hopes to expand the iconic style of the first collection. “It’s similar in that I’m trying to create a fragment of a statement that’s hard to find in my size range, but I’m trying to push it further by including really unique details and fabrics like velvet and decoration. I’m so stuffy and fun I think we have achieved this goal,” she said. “I added new styles like bralettes and basques and made sure to inject more colors into the collection.” Although she said it was difficult to pick the favorites, the Celeste sequin set and the Rose embroidered set were her two favorites. “They are the kind of statement design I have never seen before. I am a 38HH cup, it is difficult to find a cool and sexy underwear that feels high and special. I usually leave a boring beige full-face bra, or at most It’s lace, so these feelings are very different,” she revealed.
Speaking of her design process, Gabi looks like street style and celebrity fashion. “I tried to find a way to turn these trends into underwear,” she admitted. Although she has a lot of design ideas, she always listens to what others want. “I didn’t have a lot of bracelets before, because I like methodical support, but my fans’ comments about wanting to be a bad guy are overwhelming,” she said.
Her goal with this collection
Although this new design may differ from the first one, Gabi tells Stylish that all of her collections have the same mission: to make women who were previously neglected in the industry feel famous and beautiful through their clothes, Gabi feels women Lingerie is such an important part. “In terms of representation, things have improved significantly overall, but it still feels like my body shape, design and modeling underwear are groundbreaking. I never thought that my career would bring me here. But I am grateful. It is always an important part of my story to feel liberation and empowerment through clothing, swimwear and underwear, and it is exciting and humble to offer such opportunities to other women on the other hand,” she explained. Road.
How did she gain confidence?
“I think every woman feels physically confident,” she told Stylish. “I have definitely experienced high school and college for a while, I hope I am thinner, and suppose that if I lose weight, my life will magically improve, because this is the idea we sold,” she continued. “I have never been directly bullied, but this is the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) message that we are growing in a girl who is not actively represented. The feeling is excluded. Outside the group, or your size is ignored by your crush. “How does she control and start to feel good? “I gained confidence by finding positive body movements on the college network and seeing other women who look like me reject the food culture. This completely changed my life.”
When she feels the sexiest
Gabi likes it because she is natural. “When I was expressionless and came home alone in comfortable pajamas or underwear, I felt the sexiest;” she was taken aback. “I like to feel good on my own skin.” As for how she feels about other women’s tips? Fashion experts believe that the first thing to do is to get the underwear they feel good. “Whether [your underwear] means full coverage or almost no, everyone has different levels of comfort, and I think it’s good to wear it for yourself and not others. When you realize that you can become yourself When you are sexy, you need to take some pressure.”

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