Thinx’s leak-proof underwear collection offers many ways of blessing for teens and Tweens

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Getting the first period can be an experience. Even if you look forward to it, look forward to weeks, months or years and you will get it, especially after many of your friends, you can still be a little upset at that time. It may be daunting to figure out a tampon or a menstrual cup, but you can’t live the most active life while wearing a mat. Enter the newly developed THINX (BTWN), a lingerie for teenagers and teens (designed for those ages from 9 to 16) designed to keep young girls active in their lives without time. Have to worry about the heavy mats obstructing or needing to change the tampon or empty the menstrual cup.
The company has produced a variety of styles of fashion underwear and some different materials for adults, but is expanding to younger people who also want to relieve pain for a while. THINX (BTWN) is designed to make it easier for you to navigate your first period. Because underwear is highly absorbent, young people can’t pay attention to leaks with their parents, friends, or anyone else. This can be embarrassing, and it’s probably possible when someone hasn’t fully figured it out for a while. It is not over yet.

Siobhan Lonergan, chief brand officer of THINX, said, “Anyone who has had a period of time can recall their early years and may recall at least one (if not more) annoying stories about their time. “Imagine if there were fashion underwear at the time, it would be embarrassing.”

The new young collection will be made primarily of organic cotton and, like a menstrual cup, is designed to be more environmentally friendly than traditional liners and tampon because each underwear is reusable.

The collection will feature three different styles of underwear, short styles, bikini styles and minimalist styles, and will come in three different colors, red, blue and dot patterns. In addition, the brand has developed an animal mascot to match a variety of styles of underwear. The brand hopes that these mascots will give young people a chance to better understand the situation in their bodies and make the whole experience less overwhelming.

THINX (BTWN) is not affordable for everyone, but you must remember that, unfortunately, tampon and pads are not. The retail price for this underwear is $23 per pair and $3 for three dollars. However, unlike liners and tampon, the underwear is of course reusable, which not only helps reduce waste, but also reduces costs.

In addition to online stores where underwear can be purchased, THINX (BTWN) will also provide resources for parents, teenagers and teens to try to navigate through their lives, which can cause some anxiety, especially if you are not sure what will happen. The main THINX website also includes resources for adults of the period.

The first period can be a bit scary and affects your life in a way that is not always fun or uninterrupted. This new lingerie collection from the women’s health company THINX aims to change this. Making your time possible is never a super fun thing (unless you are waiting to catch up with your friends), but the possibility of a leak – and the associated ambiguity – may not necessarily be an equation.

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