Kim Kardashian wins his own fun by sharing the meme of his underwear Pic

The 37-year-old star who became famous with Kardashian ridiculed himself on social media on Monday. It all started earlier this month when three mothers posted a photo on their underwear. At the time of the shoot, she was imitating her husband’s Yeezy collection of Kanye West, wearing grey underwear and white sneakers while lying on white sheets.

She was awkward when shooting, her hands bent over her head and her knees pointing at different angles. Fans quickly removed meme from the image, and Kim Jong-un was for all of this, even sharing some of her collections in her Instagram story!

In Andy’s toy box, she played with Woody and Buzz and joined Toy Story.

Another meme shows the real star in an awesome wrestling action.

King Kong holds gold in the next photo.

The last meme shows that the famous family members cooled on a pile of pancakes.

Even Colton Haynes has fun by copying Kim’s photos. “Like butter,” the actor added a title to the photo.

After making fun of himself, Kim released a sexy shot that was different from the original photo. In this photo, the reality show shows her figure by lying on her stomach and showing her figure in her underwear and sneakers.

Kim has recently been criticized because her sister said she looks slim in the video posted in the Instagram story.

“My wallet is as small as you are,” Kendall Jenner said, because Kim revealed that she is now 119 pounds.

Khloe Kardashian also received praise for comparing her sister with the photo editing app. “I have never seen humans look so good. Just like… you are a walking Facetune doll,” she teased. “… looks like this work, it’s awesome.”

After Kim shared the video on Instagram, fans and celebrities – including Stephanie Beatriz and Emmy Rossum – opposed the news.

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