Keyhole underwear is the latest underwear trend

We know… In the past few months, the growth in the number of underwear trends has been shocking for us. From cage underwear to complex and very fashionable trends, just a week later, we have found that the latest models are supported. Let us introduce you to keyhole underwear, and trendy brands like For Love&Lemons and Le Petit Trou are being designed. When I found a Polish brand Le Petit Trou, I first discovered this style, the name of the brand translated into a “small hole” in French. Since then, I have seen several other lingerie collections with a hollow design.

Even if you don’t like the style of your personal underwear collection, it’s still worth a reel to check the style and see how the brand makes this weird idea look wearable and seductive. Continue reading to buy the latest lingerie trends into the world of lingerie.

Enomi Wessman

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