Sealed part: ‘How a pair of underwear makes my date very erotic. ‘

I always think that in formal occasions, underwear is aimed at the weak or menstrual. Unmanned, becoming a commando, becoming an Eve in the Garden of Eden – whatever you want to call – gave me an excited exposure.

This is the breeze that you feel at every step, making me feel so sexy, you will see it when you whisper to them in your partner’s ear – of course, whenever I go out, I will be afraid to pull “Blan Ni” car.

It quickly became an excitement that made me intoxicated.

Until one night in innocent panties.

Don’t get me wrong – despite the tendency to leave underwear at home, there are always some intimidating underwear. I mean, my shorts are very rare, I can’t bear to think of what I do with less fabric? ! I have an all-or-nothing mentality. Nothing in the middle – I can shake a thong and make a trophy cut, but basically, my underwear style is limited to strict grandma panties, or the philosophy of the G.I.JOE commando.

When I hang a pair of black lace lingerie in front of me, I was shocked by the curiosity of the true meaning of “innocent”.

Porn convinces me that they are a series of strings designed to connect in a complex way of “easy access.” I think so much detail will be devoted to making something for women, just screaming at the man ‘Entering me here’. But how wrong I am.

The silky elastic pleats on the underwear hide a trap door that is almost like an opening – a door that must be opened, guided, pushed, and encouraged to let anything enter its door. I feel like a black widow who wants to hide her man in a network of love, or a Russian spy, who can hide any of her gadgets in these mysterious underpants.

All these plots fascinated me and attracted my thoughts with an unstoppable sex travel, which inevitably made me try them.

I can’t resist my wardrobe that meets the ever-needed culture.

Enomi Wessman

Hi, Enomi from Los Angeles is here! I'd love to share my thoughts about fashion here! Contact me anytime if you want cooperation!

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