Victoria’s Secret Model Alessandra Ambrosio Dons White Underwear on Instagram

Victoria’s secret model Alessandra Ambrosio shared a casual lingerie on Instagram. In the photo, she is lying on the bed or on the sofa because she is wearing a basic white bra that looks like a lace underwear. She faced the camera directly, smiled slightly, and held her chin with her left hand. The model also wears some natural lipsticks, dark eyes and drooping earrings.

Alexandra crowned for this, “Hey Sunday…” and the fans responded positively, with more than 181,000 players in just 14 hours. Many fans take the time to let her know that she looks beautiful.
In a recent shoot, Alexandra shared a photo of herself leaning against the ocean on the balcony. She is titled “The Last Days of Summer…” and wears a pair of shorts and a white shirt. The location is marked as Malibu, California. It seems that this photo was taken when the sun was setting or rising, and it cast a beautiful orange glow. Because she was facing the sea, it was impossible to see her face, but she put her hair down.
Ambrosio also shared another photo to commemorate this moment, a close-up photo of the ocean and orange-yellow sky. In this photo, the sun is photographed and the model is titled “California Dream.”
According to Harper’s Bazaar, in addition to enjoying California, the model is currently undergoing a “glamorous” trip to Dubai. She met with the Arab columnist of the publication, went to the spa and headed to the opening night of the House of Bazaar. She is very high in a stylish red plaid dress.

Throughout the journey, she shared a trip to Instagram and sometimes used stories. It’s no wonder, because fans of Ambrosio are very supportive of her on the platform. After all, the model has a very strong social media presence with more than 9.5 million fans. According to the Khaleej Times, this is how Alexandra expresses his views on social media.

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