Victoria’s secret model Shanina Shaik provides underwear for the sauna session, post Racy Instagram picture

Shanina Shaik is showing her followers a preview of her Victorian secret show, and the model shares a very vivid picture of her sauna trip wearing only underwear.
Shaik will be on the runway at the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show later this month, and she will post a tight-fitting abdomen picture on a black sports bra with Instagram. This photo was a huge blow to her followers and received thousands of likes and comments about her amazing body.
It doesn’t look like it happened. As the Daily Mail pointed out, Shanina’s diet is very strict and can reduce all excess sugar, including fruit and alcohol. She also has an exercise program that includes Pilates-based exercise, ankle weight and dance aerobics, which she says is similar to aerobics and skipping.
Although she has become one of the top models in the world today, Shanina Shaik is not always confident in her body. The 27-year-old told Fox News that it was difficult to start her modeling career in Australia because she was not in line with the routine.
“When I started my career in Australia, I didn’t look like a typical Australian beach girl,” said Shaik, her father is a Pakistani and her mother is a Lithuanian descent.
“I have to move to New York to find a job. Sometimes I don’t fit a look. I am not a Caucasian, I am not a black, I am not an Asian… Of course, sometimes I don’t get the job I want.”
Shaik said that she had been bullied for her different appearances during her childhood and had affected her so much that she did not start classes. Shaik said she was “not a good place” and was too afraid to tell her mother to bully, so she put it inside.
Today, she hopes to use her fame to motivate others to lend a helping hand when they need help.
“I urge people today, if they are bullied in any way, please tell others,” Shaik said.
“There is always help there, nothing to be embarrassed.”
Shanina Shaik seems to have overcome her concerns about her body, and her Instagram page reflects this. In addition to the catwalk during Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, she often shares wonderful photos with fans on social media platforms.

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