Kendall Jenner shares Racy Lingerie pictures in Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show preview

Kendall Jenner will not wait for Victoria’s secret fashion show to let fans see the lively look she will swing.

Before the annual fashion show in the lingerie collection, the realistic star slash model shared a photo of her own rocking underwear with Instagram, she will be wearing on the runway. In the picture, Kendall’s crumbling plaid bra with a mini skirt shows a lot of skin.
This photo impressed her fans and attracted thousands of likes and comments in just a few minutes.

“Text Angel,” wrote one person.

“Smoking is hot,” another added.

For Kendall Jenner, it was a dream come true in the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, which represented her climax from the simple reality of TV stars to the journey of naming themselves in the model world. Appeared in that year’s program, she did not appear last year. As reported by TMZ, Kendall was forced to miss because she signed a multi-million dollar agreement with La Perla underwear, which prevented her from representing Victoria’s secrets.

But the contract has now begun, and Kendall said she is happy to be on the runway again in 2018.

“I am very happy to be back. We are getting together again,” Jenner told the People magazine, pointing to friends Gigi and Bella Hadid.
Last week, Kendall and her sisters dressed up as Victoria’s secret angels for Halloween, wearing real wings in the past VS fashion show. As Kendall tells people, this is a perfect time, as it gave her a warm up for this week’s actual performance.

“I did [practice]. I actually didn’t even think about it until I got into the equipment, I was like, ‘Wow, that’s fine,'” Jenner said. “This is really fun.”

When Kendall was asked which sister she wanted to walk with on her secret runway in Victoria, she gave a diplomatic answer: “All of this.”
Those who want to see Kendall Jenner on the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show show will be able to broadcast all the action when they air on December 2nd at 10pm. On ABC. At the same time, they can view the preview on the Instagram page – and all her other lively pictures.

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