It really looks like wearing underwear as a dress

It’s hard to believe that underwear has been worn for a while, but it can’t be seen anywhere outside the bedroom. Although we like to think of underwear and pajamas as the ultimate lazy girl, creative director, model and influencer Michaéla Verrelien proves that you can definitely perform and enhance this look. “Like any other equipment design style,” she told the refinery29. “Slip is now a dress, PJ is now a two-piece suit.”
But Verrelien has a very important professional tip: if you are wearing something pure, please keep your assets. “Please make sure that if you bend over, no one shows that you don’t want to show it,” she warned. “You really wear underwear, but no one actually knows it’s underwear. It’s not what you wear, it’s the way you wear it.”
Verrelien especially likes to wear Savage x Fenty because it is particularly soft and cuts in a way that she thinks fits the female body. “As a curvy girl, I hate wearing certain types of underwear,” she said, adding that some intimate brands would irritate her skin. Then, she really appreciates the various sizes offered in the Rihanna collection. “When I was wearing Savage x Fenty, I felt very sexy, and I knew it would be great this day,” as Rihanna expected.
If you have difficulty getting into your sexiness, we will get a tip directly from Bad Gal RiRi: “All you need to do is find it. If you don’t feel sexy, then there will be a bit of gravel. You need to clear the dog. Hey. Get your sexiness and have it. Anyway, it’s all yours.”
In the future, Verrelien simulates Savage x Fenty day and night.
The photographer was Savanna Ruedy by Micaéla Verrelien, designer Chelsea Finkel, makeup artist Latisha Rankin, model and stylist Micaéla Verrelien.

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