Martha Hunt talks about underwear and exercise equipment before Victoria’s secret fashion show

Martha Hunt is preparing to go to Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show for the fifth time. In 2013, Martha first participated in the T-shirts showcase (only two years later became an angel), Martha is one of the main models, and its brand has become synonymous. Although her appearance is easy to identify, many people are unaware that she has scoliosis and has two prominent surgical scars: one behind her and one on her stomach. “I have to use my scoliosis to deal with my insecurities, and I have to overcome a lot of this,” she told Teen Vogue. “I am very grateful to be able to set an example for young girls who are experiencing a scoliosis trip in my career and let them know that this will not prevent them from realizing whatever they want in life.”
Martha made strong recommendations for models looking for a career like her. “Be confident and stick to yourself,” she said. “You will get the job and the work you didn’t get, but stick to it. Continue to challenge yourself every day and have the strong women you expect.” She realized that the styling industry could be particularly cruel and suggested that young models be productive in a way. Respond to this pressure. She prefers exercise as a tool for treating anxiety. “I think people underestimate the importance of exercise to your mental health,” she muttered. “In terms of exercise, this is definitely my biggest motivation, because I know that I will feel better immediately afterwards.” Martha usually mixes Pilates, strength training and stretching exercises within a week before eating “carbohydrates”. Then, eat “protein like omelet”. “This is a way to deal with stress and anxiety. I travel a lot, sometimes I feel pressured because of travel and work, so I try to get used to the gym in an extra 30 minutes or an hour. This helps I release the pressure.”

This does not mean that Martha always has the motivation to go to the gym. In the days when she needed extra push, she relied on a “good playlist” and a stylish workout suit. “I have been loving Victoria’s Secret Incredible Knockout Ultra Max sports bra recently,” she said, with her predecessor fit and bra bra technology. Most women and women cringe at the idea of ??sports bras, but they often feel uncomfortable because they can’t find a suitable body. “It’s so important,” Martha agreed. “Because [most] don’t realize how often they wear the wrong bra size.” She said that the biggest mistake I can make when buying a bra is that there are no regular accessories. “It is very important to feel comfortable and confident in your bra. Our body is always changing, so it is best to check your body every six months,” she advises. “Enter the fitting room, measure and pair with Victoria’s Secret Bra for experts to discuss your favorite lining levels. Once you know your size and lining level preferences, buying underwear is fun. There are many different laces and colors to play with.”
What are her current styles? “Absolutely animal print! I like all Victorian sports in animal prints. VS and my cute animal print bra and PJ!” As the season changes, she also incorporates autumn colors and materials into her bra. A loyal fan of the wardrobe. “I like to wear the new Dream Angels Demi Bra because it is very comfortable and has perfect autumn colors. In addition, the new collection has velvet textures and faux fur.” Faux fur feels like one of those lingerie trends, just needs to blend into you Ordinary wardrobes, perhaps under a pure shirt or a top with high waist pants. Whether it’s a faux fur bra or a tights, Martha is very fond of wearing underwear. “The leotard is always a way to show your underwear. You can wear a lot of bodysuits,” she shared. “I personally went to jeans and blazer. I think this is the perfect equipment for the fall.” We totally agree.

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