Liv Tyler shows off crazy body in underwear theme photo shoot

The 41-year-old Liv Tyler looks hotter than ever!

The actress recently launched a capsule series with the lingerie brand Triumph, which of course will not disappoint. Not only did Liv collaborate on the sexy collection, but it also mimicked the work of the collection, which seemed absolutely stunning throughout the process. The photos posted by Daily Mail show Liv’s swaying pieces from the series, which look crazy and beautiful.
In a photo taken, the black-haired beauty forms a transparent black underwear and a transparent black top with a floral pattern on a blue background. When she smiled at the camera, the actress pulled her hair to the side. To match the look, Taylor wore a pair of long earrings and a fierce red lipstick.
In another photo taken, Taylor wore a velvety blue sofa in a set with silk red shorts, a silk bra top and red shoes. Once again, the 41-year-old man showed a huge smile on his face and seemed to explode on the show.

There is another photo from sexy shooting, in which Tyler exposes it all. In the image, Liv wears a matching purple bra top and underwear, showing her soft belly and legs. Like other photos, Taylor wears a long black lock and curls – paired with her signature red lipstick.
The Liv series seems to be broadcast on Triumph’s website. There, it joined Julianne Moore’s collection. On her landing page on the Triumph website, Tyler couldn’t help but wonder what it meant to be a member of the Triumph team.
“I am honored to work with Triumph, a brand that I have known and admired for many years. It has such a history! The Triumph Essence collection is very special, with a playful, feminine and chic style that I like very much.”
With three children and a busy work schedule, Taylor doesn’t always have a lot of time to adjust to exercise – but she somehow managed to stay in shape. According to People, Liv’s coach Russell Bateman recently sat down to share some of the secrets of how Liv keeps her incredible body.

“Liv — like many girls I train — just want to be her best self,” Bateman said. “Good sleep, rest and decompression will lead to the best shape and mood.”

At each meeting, Bateman will adjust and practice differently. Some of these exercises include ropes, crawling, lunge patterns and free weights.

Liv’s training program has clearly paid off, as evidenced by the latest hot room snapshot series.

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