Sorry Victoria’s Secret Angel, Kardashian sisters just stole the appearance of your underwear.

Even though there are still a few hours left on Halloween, the Kardashian sisters just won the spooky holiday with the *definition* of the flame emoji.

Khloé, Kim, Kourtney, Kylie and Kendall are dressed in nude and white lingerie, decorated with a pair of perfect angel wings, through the Halloween party in Los Angeles, and look like they just jumped off Victoria’s secret runway.
In the season of Halloween, we have seen the costumes of Kylie, Kendall and Khloé. So far, Kylie and Stormi* have dressed up as a 骷髅* and* as Barbie dolls (oh, there is a butterfly!), Khloé and Baby are really wearing matching unicorn uniforms, and Kendall is dressed as Austin Powers’ fembot .
They have been very busy! But it is safe to say that these angel wings have pushed the family to a comfortable seat in the unofficial best celebrity Halloween Costume Hall of Fame – join Adele and her court clown costumes, of course.

Special thanks to Kylie’s nude pajamas. You know, I have seen things for sale before, and I always wanted to know how you handled the cloth. Thank you for demonstrating how best to wear it, Ky!
Kendall is a professional model of the group and has not yet confirmed whether she will be a catwalk at this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, but this is the best way to prove her needs. Maybe this is part of her unofficial activity, let her sisters join her runway?

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