Chanel West Coast became frivolous in the sultry underwear photo because her video triggered a police investigation

The real name of Chanel West Coast is Chelsea Dudley, because she shares some sultry photos of her underwear, so she is sexy on Instagram. This photo was taken by Victor Maldonado, who wore a butterfly series and Christian Louboutin shoes, detailing Hollywood life.

Perhaps the most famous TV celebrity is her role on Ridiculous, hosted by Rob Dyrdek, and provides interesting videos and reactions to people. She has a very iconic laugh and has already attracted her fans.

In the Instagram photo, Chanel poses on a bed with roses. The bed has white sheets and a few pillows, including some golden pillows. In the first photo, she was placed next to her and showed off on her shoes. She wore hair on her left and looked up at the camera. The second photo shows her sitting on her knees and her body facing one side. Chanel looked at the camera on her left shoulder and added a title to the photo with a flickering message for Valentine’s Day. The fans on both photos are crazy because people show her how great she looks.
No one forgot her favorite show, Chanel also cast a photo to promote a new absurd episode between the two bedroom snaps tonight.
Just yesterday, it was reported that Chanel’s YouTube video showed that she was joking with the Louisville Metro Police, triggering a professional standards survey. According to Wave 3 News, the video was taken during her visit to Trixie’s strip club, showing her drinking and cash. In one episode, Chanel’s friends joked that they were being escorted by some police officers, even though they “had not done anything wrong.”

Later, you can see a policeman standing in the strip club. Then, Chanel’s friend was caught by a video sitting in the police car, holding some handcuffs. She even had a group of policemen around her saying: “We are as calm as men.”
Chanel also pretends to call the sending microphone, and she and her friends are also hanging behind the police car. The presence of the police is hard to miss because an officer is caught staring at her while standing next to his car, while others are taking selfies with the stars. Chanel and her friend joked in the car that a bystander seemed completely shocked, but quickly recovered and began to promote his new business.

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