Bodystockings is all about anger: what is behind this prosperity?

For years, society has been bringing porn to women’s underwear. Underwear is so popular that even underwear can make a profit. Now, a new trend in sexy gear is emerging, it is called the body bracket. Because when they can extend all the way to your neck, why do you let the nets stop on your thighs?

For those unfamiliar with the product, body care is a tight fit that covers the legs, torso, arms, and sometimes even the face. Most are transparent and many are innocent, all of which are meant to incite watch parties – this may help explain why they are long-term staples among erotic dancers and sex workers.

Although it is new in the trend of underwear, for a long time, socks have occupied a place in women’s fashion. One of its earliest introductions dates back to 1861, when an actress named Adah Isaacs Menken played Mazeppa in the play. In one scene, her character is surrounded by enemies, stripped of “naked” and connected to the wild horse, and Kenken wears naked. The media feel so ashamed of what they call “naked women.” For the rest of her career, this title has been plaguing her.

Fast forward to today, our actresses appear much less often than Mencken wears on the stage. But if things are really best left to imagine, then some people will be crazy about the fabric that comes into direct contact with the woman’s genitals. Some people think they will enter the fetish field.

Although there is no academic literature specifically for “sports fetishism,” there are nods in related fields. The pantyhose fetishism can be found online, and there are many adult websites dedicated to the craze. Zentai enthusiasts go one step further and wear a “second skin” covering the entire body, from the toes to the face. According to a paper published in the International Journal of Impotence Research in 2007, 12% of fetishes revolve around things related to the body, such as legs or underwear.

“Bodystockings is one of our best-selling products,” said Nikki Keenan, marketing manager at online retailer Spicy Lingerie. “One of the latest trends we’ve seen is centered on the fetish body.” According to Keenan, fetish-style sales, especially those designed to cover the face, have soared over the past two years.

“Some trends will be inspired by fashion,” she said. While there seems to be something else at work on the fetish trend that the company is experiencing. “This is a more popular culture. This is 50 shades of gray. This is literature. This is the movie,” said Keenan.

In the years since the release of 50 Shades, the number of female visitors in the porn industry who clicked on BDSM games has increased dramatically. Other reports estimate that sales of sex toys soared by 400%. It is not surprising that women also want to entertain the fantasy that has recently been approved by the society through underwear.

“I think people think this is a more acceptable way to buy,” Kenan said. “They are not ashamed of this ‘naughty desire.'”

Not just women who contribute to fanaticism. “People like these items,” says Brooke Christian, who runs the Fantasy Girl Guide blog. “They don’t care about your thigh roll, they don’t care about your back fat, they don’t care about anything. All they see is a woman in underwear, their eyes are coming out of their heads.”

Studies have confirmed that male arousal is closely related to visual stimulation. Perhaps this is why the fishing net style has been around for so long.

Of course, you don’t have to have some obsession to store some weight. In fact, you don’t need too much money. Most of the many existing products on Amazon are very cheap. Some only sell for $2.

If you think money buys quality, try reading some user reviews for cheaper products. “I wear this when I lure my husband at night,” one person read. “I like it. Make him a charm,” another said. One person who bought clothes for his wife even decided to share this personal information: “It stretches perfectly on every curve. I just want to say that I didn’t last long that night!!”

His comments point to another obvious behind the prostitution: they are easy, and they are very flattering. “It does highlight your curves and your legs, especially, that’s why I think it’s more popular than other items,” Keenan said. “Any body type can fit comfortably into the body and it looks great.”

Even mainstream department stores have joined the trend, taking more cautious versions as part of everyday fashion.

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