Underwear, a barista in a bikini is controversial at a coffee shop near Redwood City

Redwood City, California (KGO) – A new coffee shop may come to the Redwoods district of Old Capino Drive in El Camino Real, south of Woodside Road. However, the new Pink Pantherz espresso looks a lot different, with a little pink and more skin.

“This is a coffee owl,” said James Rundell, who is in the coffee business.

Rundell is not happy to hear about lingerie and bikini women offering caffeinated beverages under the names “Wet Kiss Mocha” and “Birthday Sex” as shown on the menu at Fremont’s location. “It’s bad for coffee, it’s very bad for women.” Rundell said, “I don’t know. There is a bubble coffee shop in Redwood City, it’s just a strange feeling.”

Matteo County is still reviewing Pink Pantherz’s application for ownership change. If the barista’s clothing does not meet the specific county code, and the body parts are covered, then the coffee shop will be considered an adult business, which is not allowed in the partition.

“A lot of people have this shame, but when you actually get there, the girls are really good and there are no inappropriate things,” says Thuc Nguyen. Nguyen has never been to Pink Pantherz, but she says she knows a few women who have worked in the Orange County lingerie cafe. “One of my friends is doing this because her mother has cancer, which is a good way to make money. I don’t judge, I think it’s cool.”

Pink Pantherz currently has three locations in Fresno, Modesto and Fremont stores, which looks very popular and has a series of cars on the driveway on Monday afternoon.

Officials in San Mateo County said it is unclear when this fourth location will be open.

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