The VFB group deepens its customer knowledge with dataviz

The VFB Group sells several lingerie brands in different stores and on the Internet. In the face of an influx of data, the company turned to Qlik for deeper customer insights.

If the name VFB does not tell you anything, the brands Vanity Fair, Lou, Variance, are more talking. The group has been around for more than 30 years and offers women’s lingerie in several stores and on the Internet. With a varied catalog ranging from luxury goods to large-scale retailers, the VFB group is very interested in customer satisfaction and has moved towards a “data driven” strategy.

In 2017, he decided to review his digital program with a focus on e-commerce and was looking for a tool that will allow him to understand his customers to customize the path of each. Interesting data included history and frequency of purchase, preferences, hotspots, past incidents, current and future expectations, reaction to promotional operations, and so on. Expectations for processing his data were therefore strong.

A multitude of indicators for different teams

After a tour of the market, VFB teams chose Qlik’s datavisualization solution. The latter made it possible to consolidate all the data coming from Magento, Google Analytics and Adwords to restore the main indicators necessary to control the activity. Among these indicators, employees can access the number of orders per day, margins by brand, product, promotions, average baskets, the difference between the turnover ordered and the turnover billed or still the gap between the actual Magento sales and the one reported by Google Analytics.

In addition to traditional indicators, employees can fine-tune customer knowledge with information such as the gender balance, the identification of VIP customers, the number and typical profiles of loyal customers, etc. The brand department can find out which are the most ordered products, rates and reasons for return. As for the digital service, it benefits from specific criteria such as the traffic for each site, the bounce rate, the time spent on each page, logistical delays, …

Through datavisualization, the VFB group has improved its performance and the teams are now devoting their time to analysis, decision-making and the implementation of the resulting actions rather than the collection and processing of data. .

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