Charlotte McKinney Dons Red-Hot Lingerie debuts as her new collection

Model and actor Charlotte McKinney has a new project ready to debut, this is a hot collaboration, and her fans don’t want to miss it. McKinney is launching Wolf & Whistle’s lingerie collection – it looks like it will be a hot topic.

Wolf&Whistle launched a new collection on their Instagram page, sharing photos of Charlotte McKinney, wearing matching bras and panties, and a red lighter. The model’s stunning figure perfectly shows this suit, offering plenty of cleavage, Charlotte’s bodybuilding and slender legs.
The brand posted several extra photos on the Instagram page and in the Instagram story, highlighting the different parts of the new collection. The Charlotte McKinney x Wolfe & Whistle collection is available in 20 sizes of underwear.
As detailed in the “Daily Mail”, a few years ago, McKinney participated in a sexy Carl advertising campaign for the first time. She has dismissed the comparison of the model Kate Upton and insists that she is more like a Brigitte Bardot or Claudia Schiffer.

Since Carl’s small ad began to waver, McKinney continued to participate in “Dancing with the Stars”, playing a role in some lively GUESS ads, and playing roles in films such as Joe Dirt 2 and Baywatch.
WWD said that Charlotte has talked about finding the perfect lingerie collection, and she is happy to work with Wolf & Whistle, who said she truly represents her vision. McKinney said that women of any size can wear this underwear and feel sexy – and her goal is to give this line power.

McKinney also said that she hopes to keep it simple through these designs and believes that there are fewer underwear. The range is available in a variety of sizes and at an affordable price to appeal to a wide range of customers. All the costumes on display perfectly show Charlotte’s curves – she said how important it is to try to build a wearer’s self-confidence.

According to the latest update on McKinney’s personal Instagram page, she has been busy with numerous model shows – and continues to offer her a variety of performance opportunities. All indications are that this new lingerie collection is a bit popular for Charlotte, and her 1.4 million Instagram fans will want to see what she is going to solve next.

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