6 beautiful pieces of plus-size lingerie every woman should own

You’re going to want all of these

We’re often told that accessories can make or break an outfit, but in reality the
deal breaker is more about what you have on underneath your clothes than what you’ve
added on top.

You wouldn’t build your dream home without great foundations, yet for many women
lingerie is an after thought. Without getting the base of your look right, whatever
goes on after won’t sit correctly: underwear in the right size can entirely alter
your silhouette and the fit of your clothing.

We all know that we should get professionally fitted for a bra every six months but
one reports suggests that as many as 80% of British women are wearing the wrong bra
size! Not the support we need, right?

Bra fitting has moved on leaps and bounds in the last decade, and the very sterile
environment that put off a generation of women in the early 2000s has been replaced
by a host of trendy lingerie stores that make bra shopping pleasurable, rather than
a chore.
From savouring an espresso while you wait in Rigby and Peller to the luxe new
surroundings of the Selfridges ‘Body Studio’, it has never been more comfortable to
shop for this intimate part of your wardrobe. The extension of sizes (both cup and
back) means that even those with larger busts can have pretty lingerie.

Here we will look at the lingerie items every woman needs in her arsenal

1. The Strapless Bra

A strapless bra is an absolute must. It opens up your wardrobe choices hugely and
with this season’s penchant for shoulder baring silhouettes, the strapless bra will
be your best friend.

The magic of a strapless has often been seen as something only for smaller busts but
luckily bra engineering has come a long way and large cup strapless bras are now
more widely available and offer much greater support. We have opted for this
incredibly supportive and comfortable one from Curvy Kate. Available up from a D – G
cup and from a 28 – 38 back, this is a great choice for larger sizes.

2. The Moulded Cup

Traditionally the moulded cup was a great way of adding an extra bit of padding and
something that larger busts have avoided. However the moulded cup is perfect for
wearing under t-shirt fabric as it gives a great rounded and smooth shape. Not after
a little extra in that department? Try this great moulded cup bra from Elomi. All
the shaping but none of the added enhancement.
3. The Full Body

A popular fashion item this season, the bodysuit has hit every high street store
with a vengeance. But rather than rocking it with a pair of denim cut offs we are
talking about the lingerie body that gives you a smooth silhouette under that slinky
dress. The reason a body works so well is that the one piece simply keeps everything
in check. Nothing can roll up or down, so a smoother line is guaranteed. If you’re
after more support in the bust, then go for a body that doesn’t include the bust
cups so you can wear your own bra.

4. The Bra Free Body

This is the option for those that want to ensure they can wear their own bra but
still get the smooth shaping effect of a body. The body comes under the bust,
allowing you to wear your own supportive bra but to still avoid cutting your body in
three places. While you can go for one that resembles more of a swimming costume,
for those looking to avoid ‘chub rub’, or thighs rubbing together, this option here
with shorts attached is great for adding to maximum comfort.

5. Sports Bra

Every woman needs a good sports bra to work out in. There is nothing worse and often
nothing more painful than trying to throw yourself full throttle into that Zumba
routine whilst trying to keep your curves in check. This Panache sports bra is
perfect for ensuring the only bounce is you, mid high-octane routine.

6. Full Cup Bra

And finally. The full cup bra, the old faithful with full bust coverage, is perfect
for wearing under higher necks, especially snuggly fitted or jersey items where a
half cup bra would show through the fabric. They’re great for creating shape and are
especially good if you find that a half cup is simply not supportive enough and
you’re ‘spilling out’. A full cup gives maximum coverage and support but can still
be super stylish.

But the most important part of lingerie, whichever style has your name on it, is to
go and get fitted for it. Make yourself one of the 20% and get fitted every six
months. Just like you update your wardrobe when the new season’s trends kick in,
make sure you have the perfect foundations to match.

Enomi Wessman

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