The main difference between Italian and American underwear

The obsession with the style of overseas women is actually just another kind of mentality that “the grass is always greener in the other side.” Americans, Italians and Parisians – to name a few – have unique ways of dressing, and because of the urgency of social media and the Internet, we are able to get their style immediately. But one thing we don’t usually discuss often is the difference between underwear trends, because they appear from one country to another (of course, because underwear is more traditionally a private matter).

In the recent trip to Verona, Italy, with the famous lingerie brand Intimissimi, I have the opportunity to witness the Italian lingerie trend. Considering that there is an Intimissimi store near every corner of Italy, I find myself instinctively aware of the styles across the country. However, as a real American, I can only see some underwear trends with the naked eye, which is why I turned to the expert – Chiara Ferragni. In my interview with a beloved Italian girl, Ferragni tried to explain the main difference between Italian and American underwear.
“I think the colors worn by Italians are simpler. They prefer traditional underwear, and Americans may want to have something more special on different occasions. For myself [in terms of trends], I say never say forever Because sometimes I find myself saying, oh, this is something I can’t do. After a few months, I find myself fully accepting this trend,” she explained.

After a deeper understanding of the styles of underwear that Americans usually wear, I understand her meaning more than women in other countries. In the United States, the concept of “underwear” is often misunderstood as something you only wear on special occasions or want to feel special. But in other parts of the world, underwear is a daily necessities and an intrinsic part of women’s wardrobes. This will eventually translate into products that Americans buy, which is remarkable compared to wearables. To further explain Ferragni’s goals, we bought some lingerie trends in Intimissimi.

This is not to mention, but the underwear you like depends entirely on your personal preferences, not where you are from or where you live. But if the true Italian style is what you crave, we will give you a shopping option to make sure you have a car full of Italians (including Chiara Ferragni).

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