From bedtime stories to pajamas, Lara Worthington shares her guide to bring you the perfect night

For Lara Worthington, the mother and wife of two children, the night is a chance to decompress and decompress. Here, pajamas label Jasmine and Will’s new faces, share her guide and perfect one night, whether it’s Monday or Saturday.

“The most consistent part of my ritual is a hot shower in the morning and evening. No matter how late, how tired I feel, how hurried I am – it must happen before I go to bed, and then before I leave home,” Worthington said She would say that her beauty routine must be simple, otherwise she will not stick to it.

“I like to change my skin care regularly – not only to try new things, but also to pay attention to trends and brands – but to get my skin out of a regime and see how it relates to another regime,” says Worthington, Sodashi. Dr. SkinCeuticals and Dr. Barbara Sturm are her good places.
When it comes to getting her boy Rocket, three and Racer, one, sleeping Worthington says “consistency is key.”
“For my son, there is absolutely no screen after dinner time. Before they actually let them sleep, give them a bedtime story to calm them down, which can be part of their night routine. For us, Consistency is key; dinner, bathing every night and then sleeping is a really useful good thing – I think they are familiar with this familiarity every night.”

As for how Worthington fell asleep, now the mother in the United States said that good pajamas and podcasts are the best starting point.

“I like to start the night ritual in a comfortable way,” says Worthington, who spoke Jasmine and Will’s rayon Portofino and a linen robes. “When I buy pajamas, I look for soft materials like silk, and I prefer oversized pajamas.”

“I need the room to be dark, I even combine it with a sleep mask,” Worthington said, adding that her favorite is Tempurpedic.

“People often talk about turning off lights and equipment – ??I find listening to a relaxing podcast (not to make you think too many podcasts!) or a great Netflix show that cools down well.”

Need to relax? Take one or two leaves from Worthington’s book.

Sweet dream.

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