When can I buy the Navy Savage x Fenty Lingerie? Rihanna has launched a new color for fans


If you have any questions, Rihanna likes her fans, then you should not have them. Designers, singers and actors are more than just versatile talent. She is also committed to her fans, and her new Savage x Fenty underwear color (with size XS-3X; 32A-44DD) is to show them how much she likes them.
Although Fenty Beauty may be one of Rihanna’s most accessible works (after all, it is in Sephora), her Savage x Fenty underwear is another gorgeous product of the star. Like everything she did, Rihanna’s underwear has a message. Not only is it a tolerant size brand, but it also has a full range of nude colors for all skin tones. Rihanna is an equal opportunity that everyone offers! From traditional lingerie, such as teddy bears to classic casual ballet, this line has everything, and it’s just growing. This time, it uses a new color.

The brand has just launched Rose Quartz, Dessert, Military and the Ultimate Navy. One of the new shades is especially special, if you are a hardcore Rihana fan, you probably already know which one it is. The new Savage x Fenty naval work is to pay tribute to her most loyal fans.

In an article that shows the work of the Black Widow series from Savid x Fenty, the brand explains that they have “brought something new to the Navy.” What does this mean? Well, like most celebrities, Rihanna’s fans have a name, and the Navy is like this. Think of Ariana Grande and her Arianators or BTS and BTS Army. For Rihanna, this is the navy. Now, Savage x Fenty has a color that suits them.

In fact, Rihanna even picked up her personal Instagram account and called the Navy: “Where is my navy?! This shadow is for you!” Talk about the main hobbies of her fans?

When can you buy a new Navy Savage x Fenty conference? good news! They live today, August 16. New colors (including navy tones) are part of the brand’s fall release, they are already available for purchase, and everyone has a lot to choose from.

The new colors on the Savage x Fenty website come in a variety of styles. From classic bikini panties, wireless trousers and T-shirt bras to some of the sexiest lingerie the brand offers, you can get the most out of all the star collections in new shades to recognize her fans.

As for the price, there has been no change in this regard. Prices for the new Savage x Fenty products range from $14.50 to $54, just like the brand’s existing products.

If you want to wear Rihanna Navy pride under the clothes (or because it’s gorgeous), go to the Savage x Fenty website now. Even if you don’t need new items, the star has only made this new color for her fans. Isn’t it a shame if you don’t take advantage of this cute gesture?

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