Six packs of underwear were confiscated

Zambia forced the Bureau of Standards to destroy six second-hand underwear and 40 boxes of condoms that were confiscated from illegal merchants in Lusaka.

The Zambia Mandatory Bureau of Standards has inspected the confiscation of illegal products.

The government has issued a statutory instrument through Zambia’s compulsory agency to ban the sale of second-hand underwear in the country.

Institutional Senior Inspector Kasuba Kasengele said his organization is working with street vendors to educate traders about the dangers of second-hand underwear.

Mr. Kasengele stated that the organization has sealed the entry points and inspected wholesale to ensure that second-hand underwear is not distributed to retailers.

He regrets that some second-hand underwear was illegally smuggled into the country and called on the public not to buy such products.

Mr. Kasengele said that the condoms that were also destroyed were smuggled from Malawi to Zambia, saying that the products were for the Malawi market.

An inspection of ZANIS in the city market in Lusaka found that some traders dealt with goods and people also found that they bought the same goods.

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