Cantiq LA: Underwear for everyone

Cantiq LA: Underwear for everyone
Chelsea Hughes, founder of the Cantiq LA lingerie brand, says underwear is one of the most beautiful outfits anyone can wear.

She believes that everyone should have the opportunity to wear it, including large women and even men. “I make underwear for everyone,” she explained. “The sky is the limit. We actively depict the changes of the people.”

Cantiq is one of the few underwear labels made in Los Angeles. It may be one of the few people who are actively working to achieve broad inclusion. This year, it introduced two major extensions for large characters and gender fluids. The size of the label can be up to 3 times. For those born with male anatomy, the underpants have more space in front.

Hughes emphasized that her body is positive. She said that for those who may not have the perfect body and not like the traditional underwear fit model, the demand is large but the underwear supply is insufficient.

Market researcher NPD Group agreed that the demand for all-digital and plus-size categories has not yet been developed.
Marshal Cohen, chief retail analyst at NPD Group, said that the full-service and large-code market is still one of the major commodity errors in the retail industry. “As retailers focus on classifying productivity, adding new style brands becomes more difficult to sell, but size expansion is a direct way to expand successful existing varieties.”

For making underwear for people who don’t fit standard size underwear, Hughes looks for fits in different sizes. She offers three fit styles for the large collection and 11 fits for the gender-smooth collection. “It’s not just adding more fabrics. You don’t know how they fit unless there are real people trying the samples.”

Cantiq LA underwear does not use padding or rims, something Hughes says can cause unnatural lifting and shrink the body. In their position, the label uses a strap that looks like a garter. For bras, they are attached around the chest and collar areas to provide lift and draw attention to the curves, and they are placed above and below the underpants.

Hughes said the garter straps bring an exotic look to these outfits. The fabrics used include lace and mesh, ranging from boy shorts to tights. The brand’s most popular style is a bandage boy’s shorts with a triangular cutout bra.

These garments come in eight different colors, including snow white, sage green, pink roses, bright red and dark black.

Retail prices range from $30 for panties to $150 for bodysuits. Currently, the brand can be purchased at and catiq.losangeles on Instagram.

In the end, Hughes wanted to wholesale the brand. She has exhibited at the Los Angeles Fashion Market in Los Angeles and at the Capsule Show held in New York City last September.

Earlier this year, Hughes opened a brand boutique in a studio near the intersection of La Brea Avenue and San Vicente Boulevard.

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