Lingerie Seduction: What Men Like

On the occasion of the lingerie show held in paris, we met the designer lingerie

and chantal thomass has developed to design lingerie.
silk tulle, lace, velvet. a

few grams of high potential. the erotic. the spearhead of a ‘luxury and high tech,

always at the forefront of new technology, is one of the few brands thomass france

to defend knowledge, and a sense of femininity, lingerie, in contrast to the mode

of “shapewear comfortable underwear, invisible, but a tend to lack style.

the group for a few months back, chantelle, thomass develops collections

collections an inimitable style, dirty, but not cheap. at the valentine’s day, we

have examined the preferences of men in terms of lingerie.

“people love the strings, and in general what is sexy lace, tulle, silk. when a man

comes to buy at the store a necklace for his wife or girlfriend, to get a gift that

will make him happy for her, but also to…

in the light of room of shop for thomass, garters and garter belts, lace bra ganses

black velvet trim or blush, to desire.
nude men? they did not hesitate to move the

door to a lingerie store, which is thomass) explains that young people have a

complex free attitude in relation to the lingerie “. they are, however, many do not

know the size of their wives when it comes to choosing a bra and panties,” says


” they often say to the girl: oh, my wife is very much like you, what size is it?

if the brand of lingerie is a spike at christmas and valentine’s day, red and

black are always for men and women), the lingerie is a fashion accessory for

thomass says. ” today, women are buying lingerie for themselves. we don’t do dita

von teese, every day. we are buying lingerie for himself, as we buy a lipstick, a

beauty cream.

Enomi Wessman

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