DONALD TRUMP JR. Men wearing ‘LACY LINGERIE’ AMID instructions rumors

As the rest of the world absorbed the death of Senator John McCain and a series of scandals surrounding his father, Donald Trump spent allegations against men’s underwear on Sunday.

The president’s eldest son uploaded Twitter to share his contempt for an article in the British tabloid Daily Mirror, which highlighted the tendency of a man to wear “lace underwear” for his wife. Little Trump has long known himself as an outdoor athlete “S’mores by campire” wearing a baseball cap and a flannel shirt. For the executives of the Trump organization, this trend has gone too far, and his followers immediately began to ridicule the Australian clothing brand as part of a “feminine” of the “female” of American men.

“Maybe on Halloween or the bet you lost is really bad… Ah, I don’t even kidding. Who is pushing the trash?” 40-year-old Trump sent his nearly 3 million fans on Sunday afternoon. tweets.

The Daily Mirror article cites Homme Mystere, a lingerie brand based in Queensland, Australia, which offers men’s underwear, thongs, bras and a variety of other lace lingerie. Dozens of Trump fans combined the company’s men’s underwear with President Donald Trump’s 2016 general election, and one of the users commented: “Of course it is! There is nothing like a deliberate destruction in these days. The identity agenda drives MSM. Every day. That’s why [Trump] won.”

But other responses question why Trump, who is currently working with former Fox news person Kimberly Gil Foyer, is so concerned about lace men’s underwear, because Robert Mueller may further investigate his father’s rumors continue to grow loudly.

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