Strictly dance 2018: Stacey Dooley wardrobe fails in NO knickers equipment

The 31-year-old host seldom imagined that she jumped into the abyss in the Strictly Come Dancing department and wore a dress with almost no gold for this star-studded occasion.

The gleaming figures are built around nude illusion mesh tights that may expose her private parts.

Fortunately, when she took a photo at the press conference, she had a fringe edge to protect her modesty.

Stacey flaunted her slender stitches in the long-legged look of her chin, not afraid of flashing the flesh on the revealed clothes, and a low-necked and tight-fitting strap.

She is decorated with a few gold cuffs and bracelets that look like her recent Strictly-fied character.

The flaming beauty wore a sleek lock in the smooth waves, loosely falling on her shoulders, and chose a stuffy smoky eye for this fascinating event.

On the red carpet, Stacey gleamed in a striking ensemble, shaking her back, making the fringed skirt rotate for the camera.

As strict entrants prepare for their debut, many people share their behind-the-scenes stories with their social media fans.

The 36-year-old Pussycat doll star Ashley Roberts uploaded a lot of edits to her 261,000 Instagram fans for them to wait in the background. After showing her makeup preparation, she photographed her celebrities wearing shiny costumes.

As the camera swayed, the camera landed on Stacey, and Stacey stood next to Grimsby-born professional player Kevin Clifton, 35.

Before smirking, she can see her pushing her hips forward and twisting the camera.

Ashley added the title to this episode: “Say hello to these sexy beasts.”

The blond blockbuster pop star was attacked for her previous dance training, and her Strictly costume was sensational, wearing a bold blue figure with a low-key neckline.

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