Kate Moss’s sister Lottie wears sexy lace lingerie on a wretched Instagram post

Lottie Moss shows off her enviable figure in her latest Instagram post as she wears her underwear to seduce overnight.

Kate Moss’s younger half-sister must know how to get her fans back more, this time she shows her model figure by wearing a sexy mirrored self-portrait in a black lace lingerie suit, which she shares through her Instagram story.
The 20-year-old caught her sexy side because she seemed to be preparing to go out because she could see a pile of clothes sitting in the background of her rough picture. Although she seems to be mostly cosmetic, Lottie is wearing a long blonde. The title of her Instagram story is written in “BLUR” in capital letters.

London models are no strangers to sharing provocative photos with her more than 200,000 fans on social media platforms. She often only uses her bikini or sports underwear to post her photos. In an Instagram post in September, Lottie put a few photos in her underwear, she paired with a denim jacket and provided a message for the online enemy.

“Screaming at all enemies and online trolls. Your negative emotions have turned into love. Thanks to @diesel for their support and help spread the enthusiasm!!” said the blond blockbuster.
But Lottie’s sister, supermodel Kate Moss, recently said she “hate” nudes – because it recalls how embarrassing she felt when she was stripped of a young model.

“There is no pressure to be exposed to nude photos. I work with a female photographer, Corinne Day. She always likes me very much. According to my Daily Mail, the British fashion icon says that I didn’t like it at first.
Kate went on to explain that while working with her then boyfriend, photographer Mario Sorrenti, she managed to get used to posing without clothes, she was famous for her 1993 Calvin The Klein Obsession event fired.

“Mario is my boyfriend, so I am used to it, but I am still always like, ‘Can I wear some clothes?'” she added.

However, Lottie did get the party’s genes from her older half-sister. According to the Sun, after a sweltering night in London, she smoked and waited for a taxi and found that she looked even worse.

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