Louise Redknapp teases pure underwear at the top of the plunge: ‘Absolutely stunning’

This former eternal singer re-established her solo music career since she starred in Strictly Come Dancing in 2017.

Earlier this year, 43-year-old Louise Redknapp finalized her divorce agreement with her 19-year-old husband, 45-year-old Jamie Redknapp.

Since then, she has been running and recording the fourth studio album she is eagerly awaiting.

Recently, two mothers have been flying to Los Angeles, California, where she has been recording new tracks.
But the little star is also sure to enjoy her work in the sun, setting the time for sunbathing and exploring the surroundings.

This morning, Louise posted a photo of her and her management team going out for a night on her Instagram profile.

It looked relaxed and satisfying, and the British bomber smiled at a restaurant in the beach haven Malibu.

Louise wore an impressive black T-shirt revealing a translucent bodice for the lower body.
Redknapp swayed a fitted trousers and let her curves speak in a classic ensemble.

Choosing a nude face makeup, the singer showed her golden brown color.

She portrayed the scene for 543k fans, she wrote: “Thank you for trusting me, guiding management. I like the recordings of Los Angeles and the delicious dinner of Malibu.”

In response, one fan exclaimed: “You look amazing and happy,” followed by an OK hand emoji.

The other is inexhaustible: “absolutely amazing”, and a full face.
In addition to praise, a viewer just posted a raised emoji and a flame symbol.

“I can’t wait to hear your new music,” commented an Instagram user.

Earlier this week, when Louis released a short film of his own black bikini, Louis caught the attention of fans.

Redknapp takes full advantage of her rest in the studio and sunbathes by the rooftop pool overlooking the Los Angeles skyline.

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