Helen Flanagan releases the curve of lace underwear: ‘absolutely gorgeous’

Coronation Street actress is currently on vacation, playing the role of Rossi Webster.

But the 28-year-old veteran lets her fans know about her life through her Helen Flanagan Instagram.

The Manchester native is adjusting her lifestyle as a 20-year-old child and welcomes her second daughter in June with her fiance Celtic football player Scott Sinclair (29).

It turns out that Helen has been busy preparing her baby before she was born, and in order to commemorate her new maternity lingerie collection, she took amazing photos.

The soap star saw her profile this morning and found that she had been collecting the collection and named her second daughter, Delilah Ruby.

Helen showed fans what they could expect, and she designed a pink leopard print underwear set with lace trim.

Flanagan, who was captured during pregnancy, celebrated her curves in front of the crowd, showing off her blooming baby.

Her black lock has a loose curl design, and the British blockbuster sways brown, smoked eyeshadow and plump grin in front of her camera.

She described this shot for her 701k fans, and she wrote: “I am happy to share with you a project I have been working on since the beginning of the year, Delilah Ruby UK.

“Maternal/breastfeeding/nursing underwear. When I was pregnant with Delilah for nine months, I shot.”

In response, a fan was full of praise: “Finally, it looks like a beautiful and feminine nursing bra. I can’t wait to see the range.”

Praise the appearance of the little star, another person said: “Absolutely gorgeous,” there are two blue heart emoji.

In the agreement, a follower commented: “You look absolutely crazy”, followed by three flame symbols.

Helen’s Announcement of Maternal Underwear Collection is in her passionate online post about the importance of regulating breastfeeding in public.

The actress said to her Instagram profile last month: “I think the first breastfeeding in public will make you worry…

“But I found that the more times I breastfeed in public, the stronger my confidence, which is like a second nature to me.

“I always wear a lot of blankets when I go out, so I can comfortably cover myself and Delilah. It’s just holding the baby first and then taking you away.”

She added: “I only focus on my baby because she is a priority and don’t pay attention to anything around me.”

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