Positive underwear movement provides stretch marks and curves for real women – this is great

Women are accustomed to being bombarded with perfect tones, polished, waxed, tanning and grooming images to sell items to us.

However, things are starting to change – and getting better.

Many brands are beginning to recognize that the use of sputum models in advertising is directly related to the surge in eating disorders among men and women.

Studies have shown that the BMI (Body Mass Index) of fashion models is much lower than that of the general population, and 40% of young people are dissatisfied with their body image. After observing, the physical satisfaction of young people significantly reduces the media image of the thin model.

In recent years, this destructive trend in the fashion industry has been strongly resisted. Brands such as ASOS, Target, Old Navy and even Vogue magazine have decided to promote “XL” models instead of the usually thinner models, which have proven to be beneficial for women’s mental health.

Now, the lingerie brand Figleaves challenges stereotypes with its latest ‘confidence looks great’ campaign. The featured models are not Photoshop, they have stretch markers and volumes available. They also use a variety of ethnic models as well as body shapes.

Jeni Burt, head of the brand’s procurement, told Someecards:

Figleaves welcomes all women, and when they visit our website, their visual performance is important…

This is a journey for us. We recognize that we still have a long way to go but are fully committed to being truly inclusive.

The models in the event are also very excited.

Model Khrystyana Kazakova said on Instagram:

I used to be afraid to look at myself in the mirror because I thought that what I saw was flawed.

Until I took the time to focus on self-love, I realized that everything I saw under those beautiful lingerie suits was truly unique and awesome.

Frankly speaking, this confidence… is infectious. You share it naturally! When we go to the beach, people around me will feel very confident.

Another Jennifer Atimile said:

I know this sounds stupid, but I always believe that everyone has a destination that is placed on Earth.

I have always believed that my purpose is to help others. This is the reason that motivates me.

I know that I can’t change the world, but use my behavior to change one’s life. This is already great.

Therefore, whether it is through my promotion of self-love and physical enthusiasm modeling work, or through campaign rights, this is all important.

Enomi Wessman

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