Large size underwear enters the rare growth market in the US apparel market

Ask any woman. Buying a bra is a pain, sometimes even literal. If you are what they call bending? good luck.

But there are new hopes in the large-size field, with brands including specialty retailers such as Calvin Klein and Brayola launching more bras in 40DD and higher. According to trend forecasting company WGSN, this is part of a new initiative for apparel companies to attract full-time women in the US, with average clothing sizes ranging from 16 to 18. (For reference, Melania Trump is 6, and Oprah Winfrey is 12, at least for some Internet detectives who track famous people.)

The only surprise is that it took so long. The oversized women’s wear is a $21 billion growth rate, and the researchers’ NPD group’s growth rate last year was about 6% – about three times the average for all sizes of clothing. According to IBISWorld analyst Madeline Hurley, one of the fastest growing areas is underwear. “This area has traditionally been lacking in services.”

Just look at the statistics: About one-third of American adults are classified as overweight, and they become heavier as they are younger and younger. Although Ashley Graham and other physical models began making glossy magazines and actors, including Melissa McCarthy and Raybell Wilson, many companies are still slow.
Chastity Garner Valentine, a 22-year-old fashion blogger, is still struggling to find attractive underwear.

“It makes you feel like you don’t own yourself and there is no place,” the 36-year-old said he launched a successful social media campaign in 2014 to humiliate Target’s larger size for its designers. set. The bra is a special controversy. “We are talking about what you wear every day.”

Until recently, the big woman’s bra looked a lot like what Grandma would wear. Even now, their prices are still more expensive than those of thinner suits, and sometimes they can’t even be tried in stores. But the product range is exploding – more pink and turquoise, more sexy lace, more strapless.

“Customers want it, we just didn’t offer it,” said Cheryl Abel-Hodges, president of PVH’s underwear business with Calvin Klein. Spokesperson Dana Perlman said that the large size bra is now “one of the biggest sales opportunities” and adds that underwear is a high-margin clothing category, more than 15%.

Includes Hanesbrands Inc., J.C. A series of companies, including Penney Co. and Aseena Retail Group Inc.’s Lane Bryant, are expanding their larger production lines. In March, PVH acquired online lingerie provider True&Co. – Plus size accounts for 56% of its sales – and plans to add more sizes to its Warner and Olga branded products. Abel-Hodges said that plus size will eventually account for 25% of the PVH bra business; it is now 10%.
Unlike pants or dresses, the same template can be used to enlarge. The new bra size requires special design and design, special fabrics, wires, hooks, straps, etc. In fact, there are a total of 37 components, Suzette Walters, J.C. Penny’s Vice President of Intimate Apparel and Ladies Accessories.

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