Liberal women’s Senate Democrats urinate proof underwear against Trump’s SCOTUS selection



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The Liberal Democratic Party is sending a nursing kit to the Senate Democratic Senate to oppose Supreme Court candidate Judge Brett Cavano, including “urin” underwear for opposition to the Trump presidential court election.

THINX and Icon, the company behind the “Period Blanket” and absorbent underwear for bladder leaks, sent “Endurance Packages” to Senator Elizabeth Warren (D. Massachusetts) and Kirsten Gillibrand (Democrat of New York).

According to a press release issued by public relations firm Unbendable Media, “THINX and Icon created underwear that supports the body at different stages of life.” “From the first period to the menopause and all the small holes between them, THINX and Icon are designed to Customers provide sustainable solutions while breaking the taboo around menstrual and bladder leaks.”

The two companies said they are sending women’s Democratic senators’ urine to absorb underwear to “prepare for hearings and other potential roadblocks to stop Kavanaugh’s confirmation.”

According to news reports, underwear will help them “protect women’s rights” by preventing Kavanaugh’s appointment.

The Endurance Package includes a pair of Icon “moderate absorbent underwear” that holds 6 to 8 teaspoons of urine. The Icon’s Hi-Waist lingerie retails for $39. The company explained how the product works: “Pee in. You feel dry. No leaks. No smell. Flush. Repeat.”

The 69-year-old Warren and the 51-year-old Gillibrand’s care kit also include a water bottle that “allows the senator to stay hydrated” and a protein bar that “nourishes the senator.”

Icon said that the senator wearing the company’s urinary underwear, in the early hours of the morning against Kavanaugh, this is absolutely crucial.

“It is not clear how long the SCOTUS candidate Brett Kavanaugh Senate will confirm the hearing, but we know that it is absolutely necessary for our senators to do everything possible to prevent the appointment of Supreme Court judges, which will defeat women’s rights and undermine women’s Health,” said Kejal Macdonald, vice president of marketing at Icon.

“That’s why we sent absorbent, odorless underwear to all women in the Senate, so they can do everything possible to stop this nomination and protect our rights,” McDonald said.

Icon and THINX CEO Maria Moreland Selby said: “Icon and THINX believe in empowering everyone, including empowering women to make their own reproductive health decisions.”

Icon said its products are suitable for women experiencing bladder leaks, which account for one-third of American women.

“In accordance with the same team of THINX sun protection underwear products launched in 2015, Icon’s innovative absorbent underwear is soft, breathable and machine washable,” the press release said. “Every pair of sold models helps to provide life-changing surgery for women in developing countries.”

THINX also sells “period blankets” for $369 or “sex blankets” for people of a certain time.

The company said, “There is no hot spot, no pressure.” “On the one hand, we use our signature 4-layer technology to absorb liquid while you play, the other side is made of plush satin (worn for hugs) and red The V-pattern of the stitch (lower #periodpride).”

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