The police grabbed a chain of underwear thieves through a bra equipped with a GPS tracker

The Dutch police seized a conjoined underwear thief after installing the tracking device into the lady’s bra.

Detectives in the eastern town of Hengelo had this idea after a woman reported that she had snatched some underwear on her balcony washing line.

Originally, a boy stole the clothes as a joke. When someone left a bunch of flowers at the door, there was no information and the victim became uneasy.
According to Dutch public broadcaster RTV Oost, officials installed some surveillance cameras outside the home.

But when he returned to the balcony to steal more underwear, the authorities failed to take a good picture of the suspect.

According to police spokesman Chantal Westerhoff, investigator Thomas Hamhuis subsequently decided to put a GPS transmitter into the woman’s bra as a “bait.”
This method was previously used by the Hengelo forces to capture the serial bicycle thief in the town.

When the underwear thief attacked again, the tracking device took them to the home of the suspicious serial criminal.
The police found a bag full of underwear at the property. The unidentified man was arrested and the police are calling on other possible victims to come forward.
“He and the victim don’t know each other. He is known to the police, but not because of sex crimes,” Ms. Westerhoff explained.

“We are looking for women, probably in Hengelo, who have lost underwear.”

Last year, Chinese authorities had to hire trucks to remove tens of thousands of female bras and underwear from the home of a thief in Jiangxi Province.

The man admitted to the police that he had stolen underwear for ten years.

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