Tracey Ullman’s underwear stock before dating Meryl Streep

In the new season of HBO’s “Tracey Ullman’s Show”, Ms. Ullman patted wigs, paint, powder, cheek pads and troublesome dentures. As a comedian and a talented Impressionist painter, she went from Angela Merkel to Jerry Hall, Brigitte Macron, The store robbed and advertised Judi Dench.
But on a recent Friday afternoon, Ms. Ullman wore a bright orange Raquel Allegra linen suit and black thick sneakers (“My Yeezys,” she said) just playing with herself. She needs some bras.
“Now this is the decision,” she said, in order to emphasize her face. “How many?”
Today, Ms. Ullman, who lives in London, is presenting her show at the Tribeca TV Festival in Manhattan and chatting with Meryl Streep on the stage. (They starred in the 1985 movie “Plenty.”) A few hours of leisure time, she has stopped at Shen New York, a small shop on Lexington Avenue near East 72nd Street, away from the apartment she sold last year. Only a few blocks. They won’t let her keep a pet.
For nearly 20 years, she has been buying Shen’s seamless knit bra, especially the classic Cami bra. “This is the one you like,” says store owner Carol Shen, who has adopted a more succinct design.
“This is a more sexy, smaller one,” Ms. Ullman said. “When I feel it. …” She completed the verdict with an evil smile.
Ms. Shen mentioned that Ms. Ullman is absolutely hesitant to hesitate to be a long-term customer. “She bought pants from us,” said Ms. Shen. Unlike Judy’s naughty Judy, Judy in real life does not shop, at least as far as Ms. Shen knows. “This is a very Jewish store,” Ms. Ullman said with approval.
She asked five black cami bras, three grays and two taupe. “They are very cute,” she said. “They wash very well.”
“It’s like a TV shopping ad,” said Ms. Shen, very happy.
Ms. Ullman can change her entire self effortlessly like other women, may convert her earrings, accept the prompt, and turn into the voice of the American announcer: “But this is not all! Mrs. Shen said here if you are today Buy a bra and we will give you a completely free pair of pants, just like Judy Danny wears. “Miss Shen is by her side.
Ms. Ullman replied in her own voice, and she proposed to treat everyone in the store as a bra. “It’s around the bra,” she said. (There are a few giggles, but no recipients.) She added six underwear (“Stocking up”) to her order and placed it all on the company card. “I wear them during my work,” she said. “I never take them away.” Ms. Shen put them in the shopping bag, Ms. Yulman added, “Delicious small packaging.”
“I want to treat myself as a new bra today,” Ms. Ullman sang.
After her errands were completed, Ms. Ullman squatted on the black driver’s car waiting outside and accelerated to live on the Blue Tree, a Madison Avenue filled with jewellery, accessories and cheerful kitsch. Treasure chest. It is owned by Phoebe Cates, an old friend. “There is a lot of humour with Phoebe,” Ms. Earlman said.
At Blue Tree, she was happy to say hello to the saleswoman (“Hello, girls”, she said smartly) and admired some thick Lucite handbags with frogs and fish. She played with a golden karaoke microphone and then slid into a door below the stairs. “This is the kind of store they let you use the bathroom,” she said.
Saleswoman Ivana Callahan said: “No, they don’t.” But Ms. Ullman is an exception.
When she returned, she showed pictures of her dog, Oscar and her son Johnny McCann, her date with the Emmy Awards last month. Then she went upstairs to browse the clothes.
She is attracted by a fancy pocket (she is what the British call “very stylish ass”) and a matching tunic dress. “I am just a funny thing,” she said. “I have never been known for my appearance, so I never care about what men think of me. I like fashion, I like clothes, but I never wear clothes to please men.”
She pointed to a striped wool coat (“how delicious,” she said) and looked as futile as the blue striped top she bought last year.
Ms. Erman stayed for 30 minutes. She will be browsing for a longer period of time, but before she appeared in Tribeca TV Festival, she had time to grab a bagel, so she promised her saleswoman who would return tomorrow.
She jumped back to the car and headed for a block in the Jewish Museum, where there is a Russ&Daughters branch in the basement. She ordered orange juice and classic food, as well as her driver’s snacks. “Brassiere, blue tree, bagels,” she said, everything is.
Ms. Ullman has won the Golden Globe Award, several Baftas Awards and 7 Emmy Awards, but after 40 years she found herself still a bit surprised when she was still in the show business. “When I was 23, I thought I might go all out and become a travel agency because it is not very dignified,” she said. Her bagels are here. She put her tongue into the hole.
The HBO show sometimes disappoints her, she said, “And Angela Merkel’s voice comes from Theres

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