5 Hottest Lingerie Brands For Holiday Gifts

Lingerie is a popular gift item at the holidays. Whether you are getting the

intimate items from someone else or giving them to yourself, it’s always nice to get pretty things at the holidays. Victoria’s Secret is the leader in the lingerie space, but there are several up and coming online lingerie brands that are worth taking a look at. Here are five of the hottest e-commerce lingerie brands for your gift giving ideas.

Adore Me

This site is working very hard to be the lingerie market disruptor. The main
designer used to work at Victoria’s Secret and so many of the styles have that
similar lacy look. The big difference between the two brands is price.Adore Me also sets itself apart from VS by offering plus sizes and using plus size models. It’s inclusive mission frequently uses models that have “normal” bodies – keeping body insecurities at bay. There are also pajama’s and athletic wear in case lingerie isn’t exactly what you wanted.

Between The Sheets

If you are looking for something that is truly special, this is it. Between The
Sheets was founded in 2010 and is the first and only lingerie and sleepwear company to be certified as Made in NY. It is also a Certified B corporation, meaning it meets higher standards of social and environmental performance. This lingerie is quite simply – beautiful. BTS says its goal is “to add polished effortless sexy to the BTS girl’s natural individual beauty.” This product is special. The brand also just launched a bespoke collection called Andromeda that is one-of-a-kind pieces made of silk, tulle net and lace with metal and crystal details. The line isn’t meant for mass production and a deposit is required for the items. If custom fantasy intimate apparel isn’t your style, no worries, the company also sells loungewear, sleepwear and legwear and shipping is free.


ThirdLove’s claim to fame is fit. They have 1/2 cup sizes and large sizes. The goal is a bra for everyone. This is a gift to yourself, ladies. The company’s mission is very empowering as well. They say on their website, “The bra industry is dominated by a single company that has been pushing an antiquated male idea of what sexy is. Instead, we believe the world is ready for a modern woman’s idea of sexy.” That single company they mention is Victoria’s Secret and ThirdLove investor Lori Greeley is a former chief executive officer of Victoria’s Secret. Co-founder Heidi Zak has a new vision for lingerie and its inclusivity and comfort. Don’t worry, they have lacy
bras too, but this time, the lacy bra fits so well, you don’t have that sense of
relief at night when you take it off.

Brook There

This lingerie is a millennials dream. It’s an adorable, organic lingerie brand based out of Portland, by husband and wife team Brook DeLorme and Daniel Pepice. The product is cut and sewn in America with the cotton coming from South Carolina and some of the fabrics dyed in Pennsylvania. The underwear is super soft and comfortable, so you feel good for the environment and feel good wearing the product. The bras don’t offer the greatest support for large breasts, If you are a big cup, they work great as a sleep bra or to lounge in at the end of the day.


If you or the person you want to gift isn’t a girly-girl, then TomboyX is the
ticket. This underwear is styled after men’s underwear and if you’ve ever had
problems with backside coverage, your problems are over. The brand does have one bikini style, but it’s mostly boy shorts with varying leg lengths. They come in solid colors and super cute prints. The founders, Fran and Naomi are quick to point out that their brand isn’t feminist or butch – it’s just humans that want a different kind of underwear. They also sell pajama bottoms, socks and a great T- shirt that says Guerilla Optimist. One pair and you will be hooked.

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