How to buy underwear, your partner will really love

This is a holiday, you can do a lot of stupid things. From the new wife of your grandfather under the mistletoe to accidentally buying a “massage device” so that the mother can hang in the room when everyone can hear it. I can only stop you from doing one thing: buy underwear for your partner. The underwear is very hot and completely underestimated, lest you think it is a declaration of how painful the underwear is against women; I just want to stop you from making bad purchases.

The problem is not in underwear. It was bought for someone, not someone. In fact, the act of buying underwear is very hot, I will tell you how to do it right. To help, I interviewed expert Cora Harrington, who actually wrote a book about In Intimate Detail: How to Choose, Wear, and Love Lingerie, and a blog called Lingerie Addict.

Perhaps the biggest obstacle is to overcome the idea that it may be strange to ask your partner that you want to buy underwear with them. Let me assure you that it is very romantic and may be much smoother than you think. Say, “If we look at underwear together, I will like it, so I can buy you something you really like.” It can be laughed at how many people are mistaken, because, um… they do it. Give your partner a “gift” and see how you want them to behave better; share an intimate shopping experience.

The first thing: underwear is not a standard size, which is why, unlike a scarf or Target gift card, it is difficult to buy. Bra size is already a dark art that many women struggle alone, and most importantly, a brand’s 34B is different from another brand’s 34B, so it won’t be good for you when she is in the shower. Knowing the exact size of your partner, not just a size, will help load, but Harrington strongly recommends that you try as much as possible. In addition, smaller stores will cater to your needs and offer a higher shopping experience, even offering champagne, or if you set up with them in advance (and agree to a minimum spending), you can enter after work. Just don’t be too sexy for your partner or salesperson. Believe me, it’s much more generous than simply buying things online and handing them over to your partner on Christmas morning.

Harrington suggests going to an lingerie boutique instead of a big store, if you have one that can access it (believe me, Victoria’s secret fluorescent lights and high school students’ buzz are not so romantic). She suggested Jenette Bras of Los Angeles if you were in Journelle in New York and Bellefleur in Seattle. But she does not recommend using these small stores as libraries. “Don’t go in and try the product and go out and say that you want to order on Amazon.” That is, you don’t need to buy anything every time you walk into the store. Harrington’s best advice? “Unless you really like it, you won’t get anything. Don’t need to buy something because it’s there.” But if you receive a great one-on-one customer service, if you can, buy something always A good gesture.

If you can’t get into a boutique lingerie store, Harrington recommends Nordstrom because their underwear choices make other department stores feel ashamed and often have high-quality self-owned brands. Of course, watching your partner picking and trying on underwear may be an open, but it’s not a public horndog license. If you need to explain to you in detail: don’t do fucking in the locker room. Don’t waste time on sales people. Don’t be rude. They measured the milk there instead of watching the two people’s dry hump in the sales area.

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