You Oughta Know: 50 Shades Inspired Plus Size Full-Bust Lingerie Label Pique Lingerie

Hello to all my curvy ladies! Let’s start the month right with great plus size

fashion news, shall we? Are you looking for new plus size lingerie that breaks out
of your comfort zone and makes you feel edgy and seductive? Well, this time we are
getting a little sexy and hot hot hot! All the way from Germany, today we are
introducing plus size brand Pique Lingerie, an exotic brand that provides you with
unique pieces of sensual and desirable lingerie.

Pique Lingerie offers lingerie in cups E – J, creating their products with
inspiration from Berlin’s pleasure seeking and sensual underground, giving plus size
ladies the chance to feel provocative and sensual. Their featured product is the
Sybari, inspired by Japanese Kinkabu, which means “tight binding”, a type of bondage
that involves tying a person up using elaborate patterns with thin ropes. Whether or
not you’re feeling in command, or choose to cede control, the Sybari unashamedly
touches gently your cleavage, setting the stage for whatever you decide comes next.

Some of the main features of the bras includes u-shaped underwire to provide lift,
extra low gore for more cleavage, deeps cups and stabilizing lining for more
support. My preferred aspect would be the double straps, give the bra a
sophisticated and sexy look!

Our philosophy centres on rousing hidden urges and embracing passion without
compromise. It is about the strength to take what you want without apologizing and
the confidence that you can have it all.

Our muse is a powerful and deeply sensual woman. Her lips smoulder and her gaze
disarms. She is intimidating yet magnetic, assertive and defiant.

Because we also deserve to feel sexy and powerful, Pique Lingerie gives us the
liberty to be provocative and seductive, to step out of our comfort zone and enjoy
essence of pleasure. And what could be better than this?

To make this project come true, we need your help and support to launch Pique
Lingerie and you can help in many ways! Donate to their Kickstarter campaign, or
support them by sharing this on your social media pages, because I’m sure all the
curvy ladies would want to have their share of these products! You can learn more
about them at

Tell me what do you think? If you’re all about getting tres sensuelle, Pique
Lingerie is the right place to get new lingerie pieces! They’ve got you covered! Now
I want to hear your thoughts, let me know all in the comments section!

Enomi Wessman

Hi, Enomi from Los Angeles is here! I'd love to share my thoughts about fashion here! Contact me anytime if you want cooperation!

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