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Summer Niche Brand Necklace.

The phrase “reasonably priced fine jewelry” may seem contradictory, but the environment is shifting owing to a recent surge in direct-to-consumer firms. And, thanks to Instagram, it seems like new companies are cropping up each week, each with its unique touch on how to stick out from the crowd. Still, there was no need to make a choice between DTC innovators and traditional jewelry houses—plenty of gold-plated loves to go after. So instead, continue reading for a collection of eye-catching jewelry worth buying in.

Adriana Chede’s Sun Necklace is a must-have.

Adriana Chede’s Love The Sunshine necklace, which has one yellow diamond, represents happiness and prosperity. “It reminds us about the warmth, revitalizing experience of rays flowing across our skin, embracing the sun on every new dawn, full of strength and brightness,” Chede continues.

The necklace comprises pure gold circular pendants (11mm) featuring hand-engraved details. It is completed, including one yellow stone (0.02ct), strung on a jewel-encrusted squared diamond cutting belcher necklace 18 inches at height, crafted in Chede’s London studio with reused ecological 9 karat gold.

Mood Good’s Cherry Necklace.

The founder of Mood Good, an entrepreneurial jewelry firm, Rosie Greener, has designed a necklace for such casual hot days: the perfect finishing touch to any ensemble.

This gorgeous Cherry Necklace is available in pure silver or Eighteen ct gold and therefore is created, and crafted responsibly from recycled material in tiny workshops throughout north London.

Yam’s Flower Pin Necklace.

Morgan Thomas seems to be the creator of Yam, a jewelry business in Astoria which sells one-of-a-kind necklaces, studs, bangles, and rings fashioned from repurposed materials.

She was among the artisans we suggested within our listing of jewelry designers. The Flower Pin from Yam is one of our favorite summer pendants. A lovely recycled brass/bronze or silver plated necklace is on a thin chain. Chains are offered in sterling silver or 14k golden fill. Throughout New York, the wax was sculpted by hand and then cast.

Nagle & Sisters’ Sol Necklace.

Nagle & Sisters created this stunning Sol Necklace, formed by Dominique, Sophie, and Chloé.

The convertible medallions are acid-etched for just an aged and primitive look, and it’s a twist on the standard coin necklaces. A hand-etched starburst can be seen on another side, while you can find the company’s distinctive triangle on another.

Lee Renee Jewellery’s Starfish Pendant.

Lee Renee’s Starfish Necklace conjures images of beach vacations, crashing waves, and breathtaking sunsets. It has a lovely unique look that shimmers and captures the sunlight, creating the ideal summer accessory.

You may select between 3 choices: sterling metal, 18ct gold vermeil, or 9ct pure gold, all of which are handcrafted in Hatton Garden, London, using recycled valuable materials.

Julia de Klerk’s Statement Necklace.

Julia de Klerk’s featherweight striking necklace is bright and lively, and it’s excellent for summertime or any season of the year. The eye-catching necklace is a limited-edition set containing heart motif studs and bigger showpiece earrings. The series combines abstract forms in the 1980s and a bright red heart. It is handcrafted from sterling silver connections and frosty plexiglass, decorated with layers from laser-etched images.

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