Look now, Nick? Fans of bachelors like Cassandra Wood’s posture and stripped angry underwear on a very embarrassing remodeling photo.

She is a sweet single girl, and her love for Nick’The Honey Badger has become very popular among show lovers.

But it seems that Cassandra Wood has a good side.

The 24-year-old boy had been involved in styling in the past, and a rather adventurous photo resurfaced. The plump blonde showed off her body with almost no underwear.
Taking off just a bra and lace black underwear, a bit of awkward snaps seem to be captured outdoors as a daylight background with a blurry green behind the beautiful.
Cassandra’s linen bun rotates in the wind, revealing her dark-eyed makeup, ruddy cheeks and smooth grin.

On Monday, Cassandra told NW magazine that her 30-year-old Nick gave the final pass: either confirm his feelings for her or send her home.

“I told him, “I may have feelings for you, so if you can’t meet me, I would rather you send me home now,” she told the publication.
Although the winner of the show has not yet been confirmed, Cassandra gave up an important hint on the weekend that she might be the last girl to stand.

Two hours after her rumored boyfriend, she checked in at a coffee shop in Sydney, and Wallaby shared a video of her own in the same place.

Cassandra was nicknamed the “five-stage player” by the fans and is considered to be the last four bachelors.

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