Lingerie designer Paloma Casile crowned with the label “Made in Paris”

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Graduate of Esmod Paris, major of promotion Lingerie specialization and needle of the school, Paloma Casile then continued his apprenticeship in the heart of houses Chantal Thomass and Cadolle. In 2012, she won the lingerie prize at the Festival of Young Fashion Designers of Dinard. Everything is linked then!

“It’s complicated when you win a contest After the Dinard Festival, I was asked to participate in the International Lingerie Fair” explains the young woman before adding “I had to create my brand in the process I made 200 pieces on my sewing machine in my apartment, and after that I took an apprenticeship in the Allande lingerie brand, and in addition to gradation training, I learned a lot. ”

How did you get this label?

“It’s the Chamber of Trades Crafts that sent me an email to participate in the contest for the label Made in Paris.I have presented four sets and it is the model Jane who won. Made in Paris is not yet affixed in the window, it will be in October with the redesign of the shop.The return will be busy I also expect the response of the Living Heritage Company commission with which I filed a folder”.

plus size lingerie

From “Made in France” to “Made in Paris”

A follower of Made in France, Paloma Casile has had the Label Made in Paris since the end of 2017. “After my participation in the Dinard Festival, I was lucky enough to be accompanied by Calais lace makers who helped me. I am Lyonnaise, it was also easier with the Soyeux.This proximity allows access to these quality know-how.Making in my Paris studio, I also have more flexibility.Here we manufacture 2000 to 2500 pieces by season, I now only use the factory in case of very large order.The negative aspect of the manufactured in Paris is the price.My clothes are expensive and even in luxury, people do not understand not always why, even if, for example, we opened the workshops during the day of the crafts, we have a real ethics (everything is labeled Eco Tech) and we pay decent wages. develop a cheaper line, but it’s complicated. ”

What will be the new shop concept?

“The shop is going to reinvent itself as a concept store, it’s planned for October, the configuration will change, the workshop (which has been used for four years) will become more functional with new machines … The cabin space will take a salon look to develop a luxury shopping experience through tailoring and retouching.We will make live the concept store with events (concerts among others) and developing collaborations.We will ask artists (a tattoo artist for example) to draw lace.A limited edition will be published.This reopening will be held the month of the breast cancer awareness campaign, with the launch of the second book “Undressed. The secrets of french lingerie “by Kathryn Kemp-Griffin for which I made the illustrations”.

plus size lingerie

“Today the shop belongs to the fashion designer Nathalie Chaize.In addition to lingerie, there are also clothes, because often the customers ask how to wear my lingerie! It will continue: we will keep selected pieces like pants suits , jackets and knits that highlight the lingerie.These products will also be developed as t-shirts in tulle for example.This collaboration with Nathalie Chaize allows me to take advantage of its sales expertise.In the beginning, it welcomed us in her workshop, then she offered us a corner in the shop at the end of 2016. Our two brands have the same expectations “.

Creativity and technicality

“The traditional techniques that make up the wealth of French know-how are part of my creative process.I draw, I realize the patronages and I create each prototype.Dimensions of sizes are realized here (note: in the workshop-shop at 10, rue du Jour in Paris) Each piece is designed and handcrafted using the traditional technique of corsetry.The materials are selected or specially made by French or European suppliers recognized for their quality and quality. the eulogy of a material – Calais lace, French embroidery, guipure, Lyon silk, micro-fibers … – associated with graphic and unexpected cuts, games of elastics worked, fasteners metallics placed like jewels Embroideries and patterns are clean creations developed with the best craftsmen, even if I like black and ivory, i There are also burgundy in my collection and even navy blue in 2019 “.

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