“No one saw me eating biscuits, sneer in disgust”: The underwear blogger sparked a lively online debate with viral clues about the meaning of “THIN privilege”.

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A blogger sparked a heated debate after posting a Twitter post. She explained the concept of “thin privilege”.

Cora Harrington, who founded The Lingerie Addict, started spreading the virus this week after writing an article about her “slimming privilege” on social media.

The 34-year-old said that her thin privilege allowed her to live her life without being discriminated against by overweight people. She likes to be unable to find her body shape in the clothing store. She is refused to raise her salary due to prejudice and can do it. Some simple things are like eating cookies in public instead of seeing dirty.

She began discussing on July 22 that a person does not need to “feel” thin to gain a thin privilege. A man or woman may still feel unsafe about his body while still being “normal” according to social standards.

She wrote, hey, you don’t have to “feel thin” to have your own privileges. ‘Slimming is not a feeling. If other people think you are thin, then you are very thin. If you can walk into any clothing store and want to see a variety of sizes, then you are very thin.

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“My job involves looking at photos of models that are much thinner than me, so I rarely feel “very thin,” she continued. “But I can walk into almost all the clothing stores and expect – not even considering it – to buy my size stuff. This is a very thin privilege.

However, this is not just to be able to find clothes easily. Cora then enumerated other insults faced by some overweight people.

“No one saw my photos online and told me that I needed to lose weight or see me going out to eat cakes or ice cream cones and mock me with disgust,” she said in a tweet.

When they have to sit on my plane or bus, no one will blink or roll their eyes.

“In fact, no one has commented on my body. The ability to spend life without anyone sticking to you needs to be smaller… if you don’t have to think about it, it’s a privilege.

Because she did not recognize this, she also objected to the body’s late movement.

She writes that this is something that I really need to be “physically active” influencers and fashion bloggers. ‘If you are performing in the audience, it is because you are closely integrated with the ideals of the fashion world. I think this is it. What is bad is pretending that you are not doing this.

“Once again: all weak privileges mean that your life won’t become more difficult* because of your weight.* This means you have no defined things like salary increases, health care and airline seats because of your Weight,” she said.

“It doesn’t mean that your life is easy, or that no one is making fun of your appearance, or you can find everything you want in your local goals. This means that social discrimination and prejudice are not directed at your skinny. It means your weight/body size is considered “normal.”

Cora’s thread has won thousands of likes in just a few days, and several other Twitter users have commented on cheering for her.

However, it seems that more people have questioned her arguments and posted a response on Twitter.

Some people say that just because a person is not overweight does not mean that he or she can easily buy clothes outside the rack. There are other special sizes.

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“I am very thin and can’t buy clothes at any clothing store. We non-standard size people should be united. We are a minority. One person wrote that our business is unpopular.

“This is crazy, it’s fun. The thin privilege is not real,” another tweet. ‘Stop making labels on everything. Everyone has a different body type. If you really want to tell those who are born thin, then you have too much time in your hands.

Others have problems with Cora’s suggestion that thin people are “normal”, that thinness is a normal unfair way – and that overweight is within the control of someone.

Of course, the word privilege should be reserved for things you can’t change, such as skin color or gender. There is no such thing as reflecting who you are. Is there still a non-smoker privilege? Wrote an article.

‘Overweight or in some cases normalization of obesity does not help anyone. Overweight has many health complications. “Another person said that bullying is terrible, but it is also true for an unhealthy lifestyle.”

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