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 Show Your Good Figure on Beach With Bikini

Bikinis are pieces that accompany women in different situations. Whether on the beach, pool, water parks, or clubs, these pieces are wildcards and can yield modern and super photographable looks. With the trend of popularization of social networks, women are increasingly looking to choose beautiful bikini models to enhance their curves and raise their self-esteem in photos and in real life.

Choosing the perfect model

Choosing the perfect model for each body type is the key to having a good fit and the end result being the best possible. When choosing the ideal type for each woman, it is important to note that there are different body shapes:


This body has the most balanced shapes, generally being thin, thin, and elongated.

The idea here is to create the illusion of a thinner and more defined waist. No bust or use of triangular necklines, bright colors, prints, and front lashings are super released. The tip for the lower part of the body are pieces with draping, side tying, or hot pants.


Women with this biotype have large hips and smaller shoulders, a typical Brazilian body model.

More neutral and smooth tones are ideal for the bottom part, leave the prints for the bust area and use the bulge as an ally, this way it will give the impression of bigger breasts and will harmonize the look. Avoid bikinis with side ties and opt for ones with wider sides.


This biotype has shoulders and a waist with the same proportion, in addition to a more defined waist.

Women with an hourglass body are free to wear any bikini. The curtain models help to value even more the curves of this biotype. The only tip is to avoid the extremes at the bottom of the garment, the floss may not enhance the look and very wide sides will cause you to lose body harmony and the hips will be in evidence.

Inverted triangle

In this case, instead of the hips, the shoulders are wider than the lower part of the body.

The idea is to work volumes on the bottom. Abuse of colors, prints, draping, and panties with side ties, with this you will create the illusion of a balanced body. Soften the upper part of the body, the best option is models with thin straps or without a strap.


 Is the biotype where chubby women are classified since the central region (belly) is more prominent and evident.

In this biotype, the main thing is to take the focus off the central region of the body. Use the abuse of high-waisted bikinis or with wide side bands, so you create the impression of a slimmer waist. In the bust, always look for wider straps to increase breast support.

Matching the bikini with accessories

One factor that usually contributes to making the bikini even more attractive in the final look is the combination of accessories used in the look. The Shein usually has a wide variety of beach accessories.


Necklaces are fun, and colorful and usually add a cool and fun touch to the look. They are light accessories and usually also give a lot of charm and femininity to the look.

Shower exits

In addition to being stylish, bathrobes allow for extra comfort and safety for those who use them. So, in addition to composing the look, the user will have a piece to wear when she is out of the water and doesn’t want to just wear a bikini.


Glasses are another example of accessories that are not only charming but also functional. Because they, in addition to complementing the style, protect the eyes of their users from the sun’s rays. Becoming an accessory with multiple benefits.

Bikini trends 2023

The season brings together several novelties in bikinis for 2023. For the season, invest in models with one shoulder, high waist, hang gliding, half cup, and inverted bikini. The asymmetrical models and the hang glider are the sensations of this season, providing comfortable, stylish, and very creative models. In addition, neon colors such as green, orange, blue, and bubblegum pink are the main bets, in addition to floral prints and animal prints that cannot be missing.

Bikinis can be items that can really boost a woman’s self-esteem, which is why it’s so important to know each body style so that the pieces you choose emphasize your curves. Choosing an accessory to compose the look can be essential in the final result. Knowing how to choose the ideal accessory and bikini, the consumer will have a breathtaking look and beautiful memories of those moments.

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