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Elegant Long Dress, Temperament Woman

Look and feel most desirable in a gorgeous formal dress by having the right design and cut. Whether you want to be simply astonishing or elegantly low-key, find the formal wear that’s just right for you, picking and shopping nowadays has never been easier as we now enjoy it whether on or offline shopping. Various platforms offer a wide array of designs you can choose from thus making it easier for us to determine the look that we wanted to project without sacrificing the glitz and glamour. Well, not to mention different fashion designers that you can consult in cases where you really are undecided (hmmm, sometimes it happens and it’s very tormenting, believe me). If your style of formal wear includes a subtle and understated look, you may consider classic cap-sleeve lace dresses and princess-cut v-neck jersey dresses. However, if you favor a bold and dramatic vibe for a formal gala or long evening gown? A striking open-back formal gown in a vibrant, rich jewel tone.

Know Your  Personal Style

Style is one thing that each of us has, we just have to distinguish it, learn it, and then breathe it. It projects your state, personality, and you as an individual, revealing your likes, lifestyle, influences, and even your amour. When you find your personal style you know you look fabulous and feel assured when you leave your home. Whether you prefer a touch bohemian, street, high fashion, minimal or classic, you can make your style look classy when the occasion calls for it.

Metallic-Crepe Deep-V-Neck Long Formal Dress

Tip 101

I hear many women clamoring that they don’t have a personal style, or they don’t know what their own style is, making it hard for them to choose the right attire and elegant dresses, in particular, every time they have an event to attend to. As a piece of advice, I recommend that they take a look at your closet. If you’re trying to find your personal style here is a quick tip that you can do right now. Take out your favorite pieces from your wardrobe. Lay on your bed the clothing you wear over and over again and look at the designs, is it purely solids or patterns, colorful or neutral colors or maybe black and nudes, sexy or conventional high slits or none at all? Is it leaning towards the bohemian or the minimalist category? From there you will be able to gauge the perfect dress style for you. An easy yet effective strategy.

Governess Chic

Glam and Comfy

Usually, classic and minimalist styles will look classy all the time. Classic and minimalist styles usually lean towards neutral color palettes, shapes, fabrics which make it easier to wear in any cocktail or evening event. Now that you have an idea on how you will come up with your perfect ensemble, never forget to include comfort in your list, No matter how beautiful and elegant your long dress, if you are not at ease in wearing them it will only ruin the overall appearance that you want to project. So you see, elegance comes with comfort too, with that you will surely be the glamour girl of the night, and that is elegantly cool!   

Women’s Fashion V-neck Dress Temperament Slim Long Sleeve Dress
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