Stance, a popular sock company that used to be the official NBA socks, now makes T-shirts and underwear – that’s how they stack

Just as Matthew McConaughey used to be the man of choice for Hollywood romantic comedy, Stance was once a company known for making one thing: great socks. Just as McConaughey has proven that he can’t be classified as a type, Stance’s recent adventures on lingerie and T-shirts surprised us and impressed us.

Because its socks are designed without sacrificing performance or sacrificing style, Stance is a familiar and casual athlete, celebrity investor, and anyone who likes to add a touch of street style to their everyday look. We tried its socks a few months ago and liked their fit and feel, so when I came home with a T-shirt and a few underwear, I wondered if my clothes would be good, my opinion on the brand would be change.

I don’t have to worry. By adopting the same design principles and craftsmanship as its flagship socks, Stanz ensures that these new categories are not just for ex post or away from home.

T-shirts (men, women) are made from 100% Peruvian cotton or the company’s proprietary SeaCell-Pima cotton and butter blend. I tried the cotton crew, who spent the entire day in the sun, surrounded by other bodies at the festival, and several cross-country flights. Whether I am standing or trapped in a fixed sitting position, I am very comfortable and have never been blocked by what I am passing through.

I often wear a vest in the summer because I am very prone to sweating, but when I jump into the music and squeeze through the crowd, Staines’ T-shirt is refreshing and breathable. At the other end of the spectrum, it is the perfect choice for leisure and long-distance travel due to its easy fit. This t-shirt features a pocket t-shirt, patterned prints and solid neutral tones.

If not more, what you wear is also important. Stance’s nylon Cheeky and thongs are more than just the fun underwear you wear when you feel fun. They are also functional, elastic and supportive underwear that you will never guess. Each pair sells for $16 to $18, and they span Everlane ($12 per pair) and Tommy John’s underwear selection ($20 to $28 per pair) for architecture, style and price – not super comfortable and breathable, but still undoubtedly It is comfortable and offers a more varied adventure print.

At the same time, these styles have many cute styles and low impact support. Although I ended up prefering the overall bracelets of MeUndies, because they are soft and flexible, I think Stance has won the focus because of its different styles and interesting prints.

Insider Picks reporter Amir Ismael has tried Butter Blend Boxer Briefs and T-shirts to provide insights into the men’s Stance experience:

“I originally thought that Stance was so popular for its cool and interesting design, but their underwear proved to me that their quality is also the same. The brand offers three types of underwear: boxers, boxer briefs and Wholester, A boxer’s short design adds support. I personally prefer boxer briefs, Stance’s Butter Blend material is the most comfortable pair I have ever worn. This luxurious fabric is anti-microbial, smooth and breathable. While other materials tend to lose softness after washing and drying, my Butter Blend underwear is still soft after extensive washing.”

“After trying out Stance’s Butter Blend boxer briefs, I immediately knew that I wanted this material to be a T-shirt. The brand’s new Shelter Pocket T has a great feel and is very suitable. Many people like the many designs of Stance, but I I feel that the brand made the right decision and insisted on using basic colors such as black, white, gray and camouflage. Since they are not too high, you can wear them more often than other graphic T-shirts. The price is $50, which is a An expensive shirt, but I haven’t found a shirt that can compete in terms of softness and comfort.”

If you are already a fan of Stance, you will become even bigger after trying out new T-shirts and underwear. They changed the concept of Stance to a sock-only company and provided a model for any brand that wanted to expand its core products. You can now express yourself in a variety of ways and express yourself in a lasting and supportive way.

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