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These Bags Make You Look Glam in Summer

Fashion slumps in the middle of summer are a consistent thing. Summer dresses are in heavy rotation in our closets, putting even the spriteliest dressers in a fashion funk. We have a solution for you—all of them, to be exact. We’re talking about the best handbag trends for this summer.

This season’s bag collection, which includes everything from soft fabric minis to pony hair totes, takes a new and exciting approach to accessorizing. By incorporating a new bag (or two!) into your daily routine, you’ll forget about your summer wardrobe issues, making getting dressed a lot easier. Whether you prefer to carry a new top handle, slip a shoulder bag under your arm, or swing on a tote, there’s nothing like trying out a new bag.

Classy blends

A wicker bag screams summer. It’s great to make them extraordinary by adding a colorful yellow and blue stripe or go for bright blends. You can pair bold colors with shimmery and pair it up with your shoes. Pair the bag with party outfit for a casual but cute summer style.

Best choice for workaholics

Whether you’re working from home or at your local coffee shop, you’ll need a strong and attractive bag to store your laptop, notebook, and other business essentials. While the work tote may conjure up images of simple neutral totes, now is the moment to inject fresh materials and silhouettes into the workplace (wherever that may be). Look for versions with many compartments to accommodate smaller items such as pens, lip gloss, and your phone.  

Wild prints  

Clothing with zebra and tiger prints is all the rage, so it was only time until these desirable animal prints made their way onto the season’s hottest handbags.

Subtle hues  

A summer must-have is an oversized tote in a bright blue shade or subtle hues. It can fit your running shoes and laptop if you’re working. You can make them appear on the beach and fill it with all your necessities.

Party essentials  

It’s the season for many to go out, from bridal celebrations to sunset cocktails. On the other hand, a going-out clutch will suit your going-out top perfectly. These glittery clutches go with simple to formal outfits making your outfit up to the mark.


It’s the season for many to go out, from bridal celebrations to sunset cocktails. On the other hand, a going-out clutch will suit your going-out top perfectly.

Bucket pouches  

Bucket bags are helpful, attractive, and surprisingly roomy. The cylindrical appearance conceals a spacious inside, while the tall, robust sides keep valuables secure. Mansur Gavriel is a classic, but the stylish little bucket is ideal for a night out. Basket bags were popular a few years ago, but they are again making a comeback in vogue. They’ve been photographed with a slew of celebrities and divas. You can take them with you to picnics and meals at any time. They’re ideal for these situations.


Just thinking about these bags and the possibility of glamming up this summer has us giddy. We’ve only touched on a few items here, but there’s a lot more you can get your hands on. Check out the options above, and if you don’t see what you’re looking for, we can still get it for you. Don’t hesitate to scroll on our page, and we will take care of the rest.

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