‘Russia Kim Kardashian’ Anastasiya Kvitko Flaunts crazy hourglass figure tight short dress

Anastasiya Kvitko is known as “Russian Kim Kardashian” because her image of the extreme hourglass supports this nickname. Instagram models are largely made famous for her plump chest and clumsy loot, and she knows the posture of strikes in her latest Instagram post to highlight these two shocking assets.

Russian Instagram models like to choose a simple outfit from her favorite brands and take it to the next level by showing her sultry figure. Anastasiya Kvitko used to wear bikinis, jumpsuits, underwear, dresses and denim shorts. This time, it is a relatively simple white dress and is being treated by Kvitko.
On Tuesday, Kvitko put on a Pretty Little Thing dress and did her thing. The photo she shared on Instagram showed her wearing a dress and transparent stilettos, some silver jewelry, and a white purse hanging from her shoulder.
Kvitko looked down at her, not the camera, her long black hair stacked on one shoulder. Anastasia with the other leg slightly forward, this position helps to highlight her curve.
The Pretty Little Thing dress from Kvitko is a “white O-shaped zip detailed dress.” Designed to fit snugly against a person’s body, this high-neck, O-ring zip detail follows the front of the thigh and has short sleeves. It may start with a relatively simple work, but when it is shown off a character like Kvitko, it presents a whole new look.
The trophy of the Instagram model is entirely her favorite way.

“Russian Kim Kardashian” has accumulated 9.1 million fans on Instagram, and almost everything she has published has gained a lot of participation. In this case, the tight white dress attracted nearly 160,000 people in just 16 hours. In addition, Kvitko’s post brought more than 2,000 comments, and fans of Anastasiya made it clear that they thought she was on fire in this special outfit.

Anastasiya Kvitko is full of fans with confidence. She is never shy about posting a sultry photo showing her strong hourglass image. Her millions of Instagram fans love her style and are always anxious to see that she will show off her physique next time.

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