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5 Comfortable and Breathable Yoga Clothes

Bless me FITNESS for I have sinned. I’ve been a couch potato ever since the pandemic started. However, I’ve learned to become more active at home by doing yoga sessions because to survive this pandemic is to ensure that our bodies have a strong immune system to fight off any disease and virus. Health is wealth alright and I can’t risk getting sick because I’m not physically fit. So this 2022, it’s time to say goodbye to chips, microchips & beeps, and hello to butt lifts and hips to hips. Yes, baby, I’m saying ‘No’ to useless munches and ‘Yes’ to healthy crunches! Time to do yoga so I can burn more calories by stretching. This is definitely good for my glutes and for my healthy blood circulation.

I’m ready for my weekly yoga session, but first, let me share with all the yogis out there the 5 comfortable and breathable yoga clothes I love wearing. Don’t worry I still chose the stylish yet functional ones that you can still look sexy & breathe in while doing your poses:

Lululemon Align™ Scalloped Hem High-Rise  

I just love how weightless this legging feels. It’s just ultra-comfortable and makes you feel sexy too. It’s available in several colors so just choose which color you feel like. Or you can opt to buy all colors, one for each day of exercise so you can monitor your progress and poses based on the color of your leggings. Cool! Of course, what makes this extra breathable is its added Lycra fabric for stretch and shape retention. These leggings quickly dry your sweat and the Nulu fabric just makes you move easily without worrying about your poses. I just love the high-rise appeal so my fate won’t bulge out and suddenly make me conscious.

Free to Be Elevated Bra Light Support

The design is a stunner. It’s so airy and cool so I’m feeling extra light and comfortable. This bra’s light support feels so cool even when you are already sweaty. With its Luxtreme Fabric, there is no restriction felt in your movement. You’ll feel light as a feather as you do your sun salutations. This sports bra is so secure that you can feel free to do any kind of movement. It won’t restrict you in any way. Yes, you’ll definitely feel elevated in doing your movements.

Everyday Yoga Radiant Cheetah Strappy Back Long Leotard

This bodysuit is so comfortable and breathable that you don’t have to worry about any of your bulges or skin issues. Just go inside your jumpsuit and you’re ready to go. Focus on your stretches and movements because there’s nothing to be conscious about with this sexy yet sophisticated leotard from Everyday Yoga. Trust me, it’s a very soft and lightweight bodysuit that you’ll feel that your clothes are just invincible. This bodysuit is fast drying too. I just love the sexy flattery design. It motivates me to work out more so I can look sexy whenever I wear this jumpsuit. It simply hugs me in all the right places.

Balance Collection Printed Contender

You’ll just keep on stretching as your sweat will not let you down. With Balance Collection Printed Contender’s Dry-Wik moisture performance fabric, you’ll feel comfortable and breathable no matter what pose you are doing. Best of all, the leggings perfectly stay in a place so that you don’t have to keep on adjusting your pants while working out. It’s super soft and flatters my butt. It has that butt lift effect that’s so sexy! I feel sexier as I work out. Who says working out needs to look plain, dull, and boring. Wear clothes that uplift your mood so you can perform better and hold every pose.

Beyond Yoga Spacedye Studio Cropped Yoga Tank

This yoga tank is so stretchy, quick-drying, and moisture-wicking! With its ultra-soft feel, I didn’t feel any discomfort wearing this at all. The built-in bra shelves is very convenient and a big plus for me too! It can go well with anything as black will always be a classic look. A yoga tank will always be a good idea especially if you are just starting with yoga.

When doing yoga, the heat can suffocate you especially if you are not used to perspiring and holding poses. So it’s best to wear breathable and functional clothes to last all day long. Let us stretch, stretch, stretch so we can burn calories and have better postures as investments for our future health. Our bodies will thank us for it especially when we reach our prime senior age. If we don’t use our muscles now, we will use them.

When fashion meets function, us yogis can perform and feel better because we look better. When our physique and assets are highlighted, we are enticed to flaunt our bodies. So wearing the right & comfortable outfit plays a big role in our fitness journey. So I hope I am able to give you an idea of the types of yoga outfits that can help you in your fitness journey. When we are comfortable with what we are wearing, we can focus our mindset on performing the poses required of us. With no distractions and fashion mishaps, we can calm our minds and focus on holding our poses.

Let’s celebrate our curves and remember to breathe in and breath out so we can move forward. Consistency and discipline are key to our health & fitness journey.

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