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Best Shapewear for Plus Size in Affordable Price

Being plus size already has its challenges. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for inclusivity. I am plus size and I never have been ashamed of my body. In fact, I have been very comfortable and nonchalant about it. However, there are some aspects of being plus size that throw quite a lot of challenges. First is the lack of fashionable clothing. Earlier, the good brands seem to cater only to model-like waif-like figures. Thankfully the scenario is changing day by day and brands and designers have started including wide size ranges. Something that fit normal people.

Secondly, the bulges in a plus-size body are obviously more and it becomes difficult to conceal under body-hugging or fitted dresses. Slim people have the option to wear a cheap waist trainer because anything and everything is tailored for their bodies. This one from Feelingirl has a zipper design that is really easy to put on and take out. Its 25 steel bone design flattens the abdomen and smoothens the bodyline perfectly. The material is latex that helps shape the body perfectly. It has a wide velcro to widen the area of force and upgrade the adhesion.

The best part? It helps you lose tummy weight as you wear it. It burns the belly fat while you keep doing your work.

I used to joke that the gym is full of fit people. I mean how many plus-size people have you seen working out publicly? It’s the slim and fitter people who always seem to burn it out. Thankfully, Feelingirl has a wide range of waist trainers for plus-size people. The plus size shapewear bodysuits are a blessing for chubby people.

The fabric is breathable and easy drying. This means that you won’t sweat profusely wearing it. The butt curve comes out beautifully wearing it. It creates a soft and fresh feeling against it. The trim has a glue design which prevents it from curling. The material is stretchy which means enhancement of your body curves. Last and the most important, it has an open crotch. That is such a blessing because visiting the washroom would never be an issue again.

Whether it’s daily life or a wedding, gym or post-pregnancy, party or office, it’s suited everywhere. It’s really durable because it is double layered. It instantly transforms your body into an hourglass figure.

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